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Dusk Requiem U.S. Order Hardcore PvP Guild.



Dusk Requiem
- A US Order Hardcore RvR Regiment
- Suitable for any time zone
- Recruiting all classes and races
- Maturity Expected

Guild Info:

Dusk Requiem is a recently formed guild from a couple ex-WoW players who grew tired of the lacking PvP in the game. We have decided to bring our leadership into the Warhammer universe, and create a great RvR force on the order side, we like the idea of being underdogs, as many guilds are leaning toward the destruction faction. Our ambitions are simple, we intend to crush those who oppose us, and have our name be feared by any who raised a blade in adversity.

Mission Statement:

The Goal of Dusk Requiem, in Warhammer Online, is to be recognized as a great group of players whose prowess on the battlefield will be the dread of our enemies. Moreso than building a great guild though, we want to build great friendships through this game, and unite in one mind and under one flag as the force that will cleanse the corrupt.

Other Info:

Currently we are recruiting a few more people with an extensive leadership background to fill the remaining spots in our council, and help shape the guild. Any who are interestind in an officer possition can reach me on MSN at [email protected]. All other applicants I invite to our forums to fill out an application, which will be treated more as a means of getting to know our guild mates better, rather than holding merit on your acceptance or not.


Thank you for your time.