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duddly / pita part 2


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Stratics Legend
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*calls meeting to order*

As yoos knows wees are here to discuss next action in da Pita/Duddly plan.

Mees have taken out war lord ,Nubby an visited the Empreres.
She has told us dat herz seen Duddly ,herz tries to talks himz to go back to hospital ship.He nos wants to go an da ships sails wif out himz.Last herz heard himz was hanging around da docks trying to find a small boat.
So I guesses wees go der wif usins boats an tries toos find himz.
Nubby an mees went down to da docks, but dinna see himz.Wees did find a HAHA HAT dat was Duddlys. It had a note in it."donr try to find me,dont wanna infect udders", also reports ob a small boat was stolen.
Now bees da time fer alla usins togo to tokuna and start our search.
Wees will meet up der once our boats are stocked.
Icky will be makes provisions for all ob usins.along wif barrels ob rum.
For da lemons will supply usins wif lemons ,so wee no get scurvy
Sees yoos all in tokuno
bees safe