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Drama Obscura [Burlok Core/RP - Destruction]



Drama Obscura

Remember remember alliance of old
Amulets, treason and plot.
I see no reason why grudges and treason
Should ever be forgot...

Part I - The Lord in his Lofty Castle


The main hall screamed excess. Deep purple, velvet tapestries, hanging from ceiling to the marble floor. Golden candelabras, satin cushions, crystal goblets, splendid works of art, a soft music echoing across the halls. Half naked, stunningly beautiful servants availible for every need, serving an abundance of luxuary food. The lord of the palace stood at the end of the hall, facing a statue of terrible and godly beauty alike.

Of course this all depended highly on your view of perspective. Upon closer inspection, nothing would be as it seemed. In the tapestries were woven human hair, the ornamented candelabras portrayed screaming little faces, the goblets were filled with blood and not wine, the artwork displayed only scenes from vivid orgies, or warped unnatural colours, the lyrics of the music were only about the glory of death, the food included monkey brains, raw flesh, and the like. Every servant in here existed only as sex slaves, men and women alike.

And the statue at the head of the hall were the Dark Prince, She Who Thirsts. Not a god of hope and humanity, but a god of hedonism, depravity and excess.


A female servant, beatiful and young perverted with reptile eyes and a tail, approached the lord of the palace. He stood silent, contemplating, clad in his dark plate armor, richly decorated in purple and gold. She fell on her knees behind him, he didn't even bother to glance her way. Silence.

"What news of the greenskins?" His words were cold and without emotion. The servant replied "they amass in great numbers in the east, but they have trouble uniting as always." The lord nodded. She continued "...the orks are fierce and uncontrollable, and there is..."

The lord turned "Shush" he playfully ran his hand through the hair of the servant. "noone is above lust and desires, everyone can be manipulated. Even despicable, green, and smelly orcs. Their simple mindedness will be their downfall. They just need to be properly shoved off the edge of the cliff." He raised her chin with his ironclad glove and looked into her eyes, smiling to himself.

"Bring me the witch elf, the dreamwalker. I need to send a vision of war and glory to an upstart greenskin chieftan. Tell her that her master calls, and if she refuses he will proclaim to her worshippers what a fraud she really is. Now go."

The lord of the palace turned around, once more facing the statue.

"It has started, my prince."

* * * * *

Read Chapters 1 through 4 of the story, and about the Circle Guardian Community here

* * * * *

OOC Information

Drama Obscura

Drama Obscura is the CircleGuardians guild playing on the Destruction side in Warhammer Online, Burlok (Core-RP) server, and thus representing the CircleGuardians community, and gaming and roleplaying values in Warhammer Online.

The guild welcomes new members from all the races, Dark elves, Chaos and Orcs alike, and we are actively seeking more people, who love quality roleplay, friendly company and helpful MMORPG players, and would wish to be part of such community, and to help build ever stronger presence in Warhammer, representing the above mentioned core values.

Within all the different ways to enjoy Warhammer Online, the focus of Drama Obscura and CircleGuardians always is nice roleplaying, and roleplaying and being in character is always encouraged within all the different activities that the game provides. All the members of the guild are required to roleplay and stay in character in /say and /shout and other similar chat channels, and if there is a need to discuss things OOC, it should be kept in private tells. We do also require all of our members to abide the Warhammer Online RP-server addendum.

Drama Obscura has several goals for the guild, and it's members to enjoy the game in many different ways:

  • To have a living and interesting guild story to roleplay, much like PnP roleplay campaigns, with a storyline that evolves and reflects what people do in-game, and not just remain as a guild background story on the forums
  • To have lots of fun roleplaying, organising various roleplaying themed events and get involved in the Burlok roleplaying community
  • To achieve several goals in-game, both RvR and PvE too, and to put effort and dedication to enjoy the end-game content with our members as well
  • To build a thriving and succesful regiment, with mature and friendly members
  • To enjoy the game, roleplay, and have fun!

We are at this point recruiting, and building up the membership of our guild, so that we can meet all the above mentioned goals.


Drama Obscura in Warhammer Online is an official regiment of the CircleGuardians – The friends who enjoy quality role playing and gaming. The idea and the society of CircleGuardians was founded 2007.

CircleGuardians are all role players who enjoy experiencing games together – in a mature, friendly and optimistic way. We cherish not only role playing quality but put great valuation in a mature and optimistic personality. We want our atmosphere to be enjoyable and friendly – Not dull and dark. The CircleGuardians as a society keep united.

We form our own official CircleGuardian guilds in every MMORPG we aim to play – This aid us create, experience and share a quality role playing environment wherever we might be. Therefore – Being a member of CircleGuardians – you will always find a friendly environment with skilled role players and helpful gamers.

The CircleGuardians is a European community foremost but welcome any nationality to join our ranks as long as you share our core values; Are you one who longs to experience quality role playing? Are you one who puts effort into role playing? Are you one who enjoys experiencing the games you play? Are you a mature and optimistic person that cherishes a friendly environment with others? Are you one who enjoys laughing and sharing memories with likeminded?

If all those questions were answered with a “Yes” – then congratulations – CircleGuardians seem to be for you.

Looking forward to meet you online and who knows – perhaps as a CircleGuardian!


Drama Obscura backstory

The CircleGuardians website

The application form to CircleGuardians (please read the RP and Gaming philosophy first)

Officers to contact in-game

Feel free to send the following officers a /tell or mail in-game, regarding more information about Drama Obscura or the CircleGuardians, or talk about applying for the guild.

  • Windelyn
  • Rotgut

Also feel free to contact to just roleplay with any of Drama Obscura's members or join in any other in-game activity as well - and do not hesitate to join in any random roleplay with Drama Obscura members if you happen to bump into us!