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Double Slayers and Juka Bows


Crazed Zealot
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I know that Double Slayers no longer spawn. Can you create a double slayer with the use of a Juka Bow? Can you imbue a Slayer onto the bow first, and then double click a gear and get a second slayer on it? Or doese it just change the existing slayer on the bow?


UO Forum Moderator
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Yes, it still made double slayers that way the last I checked (2017). Of course, the second slayer is still random.


Seasoned Veteran
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Stratics Legend
Is this still the case? Does anyone have a screenshot of this?
So there is a nice fun trick to this. I hope I get this correct
  1. Get an unmodified Juka bow
  2. Powder it
  3. imbue the Super slayer that you want(repond)
  4. then modify the bow to turn it black, at this point it will apply another slayer(hopefully it will be a specific slayer( I got a snake)
  5. Imbue it with the specific slayer that you want I wanted ORC
  6. The weight for the double slayers will keep you from loading this up. Plus it is not GM made so you only get weight of 500.
If you want to you can get real creative and reforge prior to anything and try to get the 100Percent elemental damage. One draw back I found was that if you do the Super Slayer and then you get unlucky when modifying the bow and get another supper slayer I was unable to override the modified version.

I hope that is enough for you to go with. I will try to help if you need any clarification on this.