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[Stealing] Does worn Luck affect rare items stolen from Monsters chances ?


Always Present
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
As we know, luck has a big role in the newly revamped Legacy Dungeons in determining the quality and properties' intensities of items which will eventually spawn on the corpse.

When the Luck code was reworked, did it perhaps change also from stealing rare items from Monsters ?

Question is, wearing high luck does it effect the chances at stealing a rare item from Monsters ?

Thanks !

pacific cruiser

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
not all at Popps. I just tried a smugglers edge run and it does not seem to affect my stealing at all. This is with a 1800 or so luck suit. getting the rare grabs is random and allway's has been. I am going to make a video today or tomorrow depending on time I have to show the main differences in using and not using the smuggler's edge. But the main point is this.. if you want a lot of lanterns and the lockpicking tool boxes buy the EDGE!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion its been worth it 1000% if you want to collect the "rares" at any kind of accelerated way. If not keep plugging along stealing and killing each monster you steal from, because you have to kill them or you may try to steal from the same one again wasting precious time and after the 10th steal there no way to keep the tags of the ones you've stolen from.so you will have to steal then kill anyway. Using the EDGE you do both at the same time. another tip, if it is one I transfer my 120 stealing from my old faction/doom/fan dancer dojo/wrong/stygian abyss/ mage thief to my pure 120 swords fighter when my potions/lotions /Balms run low or when a friend needs some Gems of Salvation. The money you spend for the EDGE is worth it in my opinion.

Igg A Pie

Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I tried to buy one from the UO store a few weeks ago..........they were no longer for sale. which was really irritating. I did get lucky and found one for sale in game so of course I bought it.