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[Imbuing] Does this seem fair?


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Stratics Legend
So I finally trained up to 120, and I have 15,000 Loyalty Points so I can also use the Queens Soul Forage. Im not really hurting for gold... But I cant stand farming for Ingredients. So instead of charging gold to make items for people, I was thinking about charging Ingredients. I was thinking something along the lines of 20-50% of whatever is required to Imbue what they want, In addition to whatever is actually used in the process.

Now you can go through a lot when you get to the 4th and 5th Properties, and Im not talking about a percentage of what was used, Im talking a simple % of what is required... So if they want me to make something into an Elemental Slayer, that requires 10 Vial of Vitriol, so I would charge 2-5 Vials as payment, in addition to whatever is actually used in the Imbuing process.

So they farm the ingredients, tell me what they want, hand me a bag of say 50 Vials, and I take out 2-5 as my payment, then Imbue the item and hand the item back with whatever ingredients are left over.

Im hoping this will allow people who do not have the cash to pay for a high end item still hire me to make the item for them, and it will help me by giving me ingredients I dont feel like farming. So what do ya think? Does that seem like a fair idea? Is 20% too low? 50% too high?


I don't know what figure I'm going to settle on. Somewhere between 10-20%. The hard part is going to be getting them to understand when you burn 40 relics trying to give them the mods they want.


I think that's perfectly fair. Call me a stingy grouch, but I'm not gonna imbue random folks' stuff for free. Bring me some seeds of renewal or essences of whatnot and we'll call it even. Otherwise, skill up your own imbuer. ;)