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[Discordance] Disco melee Paladin

Ford Taunus

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

I was thinking to make Dicsordance melee Paladin. (I never have got bard before)

What kind of skills I should take (Maybe disco +30 to musicman ship and disco to jewerly?)
What kind of suit I should wear?

Is there any good template for melee disco paladin.. Just for PVM as Peerlesses and Champs?


Stratics Veteran
Personally I think jewelling up instead of going real skill would do it a huge disservice, as you wouldn't get much out of the masteries, which while leeching mana would be a waste.

You would obviously need 120 wep, 90 tactics, 120 music, 120 discord as a minimum, if you want it to be a paladin as a central part of the build probably also 120 chivalry. That would leave you 150 points which you could use in a variety of ways. I would be tempted to make it 4/6 casting and perhaps have parry and use a shield as that all seems a good fit to me.


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
It depends what you want to do with the character... i.e.. Are you going to be just a support player within a larger group? Or are you going to go solo?

Are you intending on using any of the bard masteries, and thus casting the bard songs? Or would you go with one of the melee masteries, or Chivalry mastery?

If you're going with mastery for Disco/Provo - then take Lord God's advice: You will need to be 120 music and 120 bard skill natural to be effective. If you're going to pick a melee mastery, you can probably get away with some skill on your jewels, but then you need to have a way to get a decent amount of mana regen.

I've seen a few folks run successful Archer/Bard templates in the past. I would suggest trying something like that first before necessarily going the close-range melee fighter route, unless the bard skills are just going to be secondary addition to your melee skills. You could probably be a useful member of any party for most Peerless bosses using that template.

I could see something like: Music, Disco, Archery, Tactics, Chivalry, Healing... and then whatever remaining skill points, throw into Focus or Med. Use jewels for whatever skills you won't be using the masteries for to make your skill cap stretch a little further.

Good luck... let us know how it turns out.