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Phoebe Nox



  1. a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.
2. a difficult situation or problem.

3. an argument forcing an opponent to choose either of two unfavorable alternatives.

This is Number 2, and I am not referring to a bathroom situation. Yet in some ways perhaps all 3.

* Note= I am role playing this character to the full version of how I see her but me as a person there is another reason, I want us to get this fish. I want this fish on display for us. So, in regard to this story, it's only a story and its dramatic just to suit this character.

The chaos that flows rampant within my mind brings me to this morning.


The crashing sound of the perfume bottles as they shatter against the wall, could probably be heard through all of the Fens, stomping my feet and ripping the sheets from my bed, throwing clothes and sheets all over the room I stomp off into the kitchen to attempt making my morning brew, however still no King Fish. How in the blazes am I going to be able to complete this spell? Slamming cabinet doors, I search for the beans for my brew. "Aha, there they are, my sanity beans..." I mumble to myself. The longer this goes on the more chances of pirates interfering with the fishermen trying to get me this fish. Long has it been that pirates raided and pillaged the lands in abundant numbers, but I have heard rumors of pirates again and of orcs, Lord help us if the orcs decide to pirate. Shaking my head, I have to stop thinking like this, so back to task " Beans, yes bean tea," Looking about the small kitchen I see no grinder, "oh Ya I left it in the apothecary shop". Thinking how useful it was grinding the herbs and mushrooms to add to the liquid I soaked the logs in, to stoke the fires to inebriate my bonfire guests with the smoke from the fire. It was ok or maybe even normal to act like a maniac here in the Fens, but to venture beyond the Fens I need to compose myself and I need my morning brew. Stomping up the steps I am determined to just grab my grinder and retreat back to the kitchen but is anything simple? *Ponders that thought" standing in thought on the landing outside the apothecary it hits me, I still hadn't figured out why I'd been having all those nightmares of walking dead and graveyards, dismissing this thought for this morning I will have to get back to that at another time, today I wanted that blasted FISH and my Coffee and to compose myself *if that was even possible, the composing part* . as i step through the curtain into the apothecary I am overwhelmed by the stench of who knows what, but the scent was awful, and the room was in shambles furniture overturned and jars broken * I won't mention what was in those jars*, frantic I look to the podium that held my grimoire, as my anger intensified, it hit me it was gone, the grimoire was gone, taken by who? My first thoughts were, it was either those blasted pirates or those Orcs. Screaming, no actual words just a screeching shrill noise flowing from my mouth in anger, stomping my feet and shoving all the shelves and tables, that had already been tipped over, against the wall and throwing a chair out the window crashing to the ground. "That book had the spell I was writing in it, so not only had I not gotten the so needed King Fish I now had to start the spell all over or go find that book, huffing and stomping back down the stairs, not even my morning brew was going to compose me this morning. In my fit of anger, I glance to the one tiny table in the corner that had missed being tipped over and there sat my grinder. Taking a deep breath, I march over to the table snatch up my grinder and kick the table out the window to match the chair on the ground, walking to the window looking down to the ground with a glimpse of the broken wooden pieces laying in a heap, I turn and walk away clutching to the grinder. This isn't my Day !