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Details about the Extraordinary Maintenance and Consequences for Abusing Exploits

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Hello everyone,

During today's early downtime, we identified and resolved an issue with Patch 2 that introduced a bug, whereby a handful of players generated more silver than they should have otherwise been able to.

Fortunately, this was reported and caught early so no damage was caused to the game’s economy. The player that reported the bug to us upon discovery will receive a reward from us as thanks for helping to catch the bug.

The handful of players that were found to have exploited this bug have had the silver generated removed from their accounts, and players who abused the bug have been banned either temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the abuse and the amount of silver that was fraudulently obtained.

As already clarified in prior situations, we cannot tolerate the abuse of bugs. Exploiting this bug is considered a breach of our Terms & Conditions under section 15.5.4:

“Compelling reasons include for example (without limitation):
  • If the User is engaged in cheating, use of bots, financial fraud or severe abuse of bugs.

For clarification: simply using silver bags did not activate this bug, and no one has been punished simply for opening bags. Punishment has only been handed out to people who purposefully abused the bug to gain MORE silver than what their silver bags should have been worth.

We apologize for the unexpected maintenance that was necessary to deal with this issue quickly.

Sincerely, Nesnes & Dev Team

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