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Dark Knights of Camelot on Community Spotlight!


Community Spotlight

One of the best things about DAoC is our amazing community, the best MMO community in our opinion! This section of our newsletter aims to highlight guilds and individuals in our community, and give a little insight into the heart of the DAoC! This month we spotlight the Albion guild:

Dark Knights of Camelot

Tell us about your guild name and how it came about.

Our guild name is the Dark Knights of Camelot. I am not entirely sure how the name came about, it was there when I first joined, so we have no official history.

Tell us a bit about your guild.

We are an Albion Guild that has been around since the game began. Our guild has around 4,700 characters played by roughly 1,500 players. We have over 2 Billion realm points earned, and play mostly during North American prime time, but will often have people on at all hours. Our core players have done pretty much everything in the game in the realm of Albion and most people have tried every Alb class in the game. Many of our people have also played other realms but have settled on Albion as their home.

Our guild house is on Ywain 6 (Lot 5) and is full of trophies from PvE and Banners from our RvR conquests. We even have Pie! (although it's been out a while so might be a bit stale).

Are you part of an alliance?

We are the leaders of an alliance of varied guilds and all playstyles. We have some Euro guilds in our alliance, which we love as it gives us a daytime presence when many NA players are at work. Our alliance members participate in all playstyles. Every night we have an alliance member or two that run a "true" 8 man away from our large zerg .They are usually seen in the alliance chat asking for specific classes to complete their group and it gives our players an opportunity to try out some 8v8.

Our alliance chat is full of helpful people with answers to a wide spectrum of topics. Each of the guilds in our alliance has their own rules for chat channels, but we ask that our alliance channel remain “PG 13/child” friendly. We run a nightly private alliance Battlegroup and are all together in vent (which is not PG or child friendly!!). When our regular BG shuts down, we have a bunch of players that get together for some fun as stealthers.

When new content is added we run events to take as many people through as possible as an alliance if the event permits. If it is a limited number – such as an 8 person dungeon, you will often find people making groups to participate.

What is the day to day life of your guild like?

We usually start off early with some espresso and then read the paper, maybe some bacon and eggs…….j/k

Our guild usually has people on during the NA and Euro daytime but we really peak during NA evening prime time. During the day our players participate in all aspects of the game and at night we form a separate battlegroup from the Albion public BG for some RvR. We do our best to get people grouped and make the groups viable in RvR.

On Mondays our guild leads an alliance event called Monday Nite Madness and it varies from week to week. This event has been going on for 15 years straight and has become a great tradition. We have done all the PvE content on Albion, and occasionally do some “goofy thing” for RvR, like an all thug nite or stealther nite. Sometimes we play fact or crap in vent and have even held a “Pig Hockey Tournament”. We try to incorporate some of the older game content both for nostalgia and to show new players things they might not have seen. Monday nights are a great way to get together in a relaxed environment away from the stresses of RvR.

Our members are very helpful to new players and do our best to get them outfitted and ready for RvR. We have people that can help with crafting and templates and the PvE we do on Mondays keeps our guild (and alliance) members outfitted with all the newest game items.

What playstyles does your guild take part in?

Our guild has players that participate in all playstyles although our nightly zerg is what we usually do as a guild.

Are you currently recruiting?

Yes our guild is always recruiting and if you do a /who Dark Knights ask anybody and they will get you through to someone who can invite.

How can someone contact you if they wish to find out more, or apply to join?

We do have a Facebook page, but to be honest it doesn’t get a lot of use. Most of our communications are done right in the game. Just look for anyone in Dark Knights of Camelot and ask for an officer!
Dark Knights of Camelot

The link to our website
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