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Cyclone "as intended?"


UO Software Engineer
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Stratics Legend
I'm aware of the immunity to sleep and paralyze after being hit with a paralyzing blow.

The cyclone specials are moving throw and infused throw (basically a no-dachi riding swipe). Infused throw being a para shot if the thrower is mounted, but a dismount if the thrower is on foot. With a no-dachi you can dismount someone on the run without the para proc'ing and they can be paralyzed after going on foot. If you do the same with a cyclone (dismounting without hitting a para shot) they receive the paralyze immunity. Is this working as intended? It seems to be the only dismount weapon that proc's paralyze immunity.

@Kyronix equality for gargs!
Yes, this is working as intended to prevent dismount/paralyze combo with the Cyclone.