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[Gardening] Cross Planting Weirdness

Venora Rhyse

Stratics Veteran
I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else recently or if it's something normal now? This is my first time cross planting since I've returned but I have no idea how I have these outcomes for my plants since I was very careful on what I crossed.

I crossed the first plant with the second, then the second plant with the first. I figured this would make 16 of the plant seed I needed, and for some plant that's how it worked. However the one's below didn't come out like that, they came out with 2 different types (seeds from plant 1 differed from seeds from plant 2 and neither seed was what I expected).

These are some of my results:

Blue Barrel Cactus + Yellow Barrel Cactus = Green Vanilla Seeds & Green Water Plant Seeds (I expected Green Barrel Cactus Seeds)

Yellow Barrel Cactus + Red Barrel Cactus = Orange Rushes & Orange Pampas Grass (I expected Orange Barrel Cactus Seeds)

Red Barrel Cactus + Red Barrel Cactus = Bright Red Campions & Bright Red Water Plants (I expected Bright Red Barrel Cactus)

Blue Tribarrel Cactus + Blue Tribarrel Cactus = Bright Blue Rushes & Bright Blue Elephant Ear (I expected Bright Blue Tribarrel Cactus)

Red Tribarrel Cactus + Blue Tribarrel Cactus = Purple Century & Purple Snake Plant Seeds (I expected Purple Tribarrel Cactus)

Red Tribarrel Cactus + Yellow Tribarrel Cactus = Orange Vanilla & Orange Rushes (I exptected Orange Tribarrel Cactus)

Yellow Prickly Pear + Red Prickly Pear = Orange Snake Plant Seeds & Orange Rushes Plant Seeds (I expected Orange Prickly Pear Cactus Seeds)

Red Prickly Pear + Red Prickly Pear = Bright Red Rushes & Bright Red Poppies (I expected Bright Red Prickly Pear Cactus Seeds)​

It all seems to be the Cactus type of seeds that gave me the weird results, all my other plant crossings came out as expected for the seeds. I'll be having to do these crossings again since I needed certain seeds since I'm trying to get a whole set, so I'm hoping they'll come out as expected. Surprised me tho when it first started happening since I was watching the seed count to add it to my spreadsheet. I figured I'd post because I wasn't sure if others had weird results lately where it's a bug or something or if anyone knows how this came about, because I have no clue lol. Thanks for any replies!


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Campaign Patron
The cactus crossing is broken. Now it is a surprise. The colored vanilla's are the hardest to get. So congrats on the orange one. The only time I can get the cactus to breed true is to let them self pollinate. If you haven't found out yet, we now have special cactus. They look simular to the tribarrel but with two flowers. The label says cactus when you cross them you can get colored hops, spider trees, and bonsi. You get the seeds from boglings. :)

Venora Rhyse

Stratics Veteran
Ooh, thanks for letting me know! Yeah, it was kinda neat to see the vanilla seeds. Well it's good to know that it's random, maybe I'll just keep at it till I get all the prickly pear, barrel, and tribarrel cactus seeds I need plus if I get lucky enough maybe I'll get some seeds of the new types you mentioned like the colored hops and spider trees. I'll check more into it and read up on what crossing to do to get them :) Thanks for the info and help! I'll be sure to keep at it with the boglings too!