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[Blacksmithing] Crafting super slayer weapons.



What is the best hammer to use to craft super slayer weapons for imubing? I'm thinking DC for the least amount of mods. Curious if this is the right way to go (i hear a lot about people using DC to get pure element weapons, tho i'm not really sure how that works).

Wow, ok i'm a little to tired i think, i just realized you can imbue a weapon with super slayer. Ugh. Sorry guys. Hey i guess its still a valid thread for people who dont want to imbue the slayer property.


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Yes, you can imbue superslayers - but I almost never imbue a slayer property, instead getting it from a DC or Shadow runic.

The times I do imbue a slayer property, it's usually to OVERWRITE an existing one that came from the runic.

If you don't like buying your imbuing ingredients, it's really a hassle to get some of the ones for slayers, and often quicker to just burn a dozen DC hammers.