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Cosmetic Hauberk Prize Giveaway!

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Not sure if it's kosher to mention other sites and if not, please delete the thread.

Over at MMORPG.com, they are having a LOTRO Prize Giveaway of a Hauberk of the Mithril Guard. You need a account there to generate a special code which you then input into your Turbine account page.

The Hauberk is "Bound" and will be created for your current characters as well as new characters created. It will appear in your pack(make sure you have space available).
Pretty nice looking Hauberk and will go great with all the new cloaks coming with the various pre-order specials for Mines of Moria. Here's a pic of the Hauberk on my Hobbit.


Finnbarr Galedeep

Yeah I have mine. I put the code in but it didnt appear right away I guess due to all the activity. I sent a GM a query about it and he/she got me fixed up....Awesome cloak.