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[BUG] Corpses Disappearing with Despair/Tribulation



I tried the new Discord abilities this evening and corpses of creatures they are used on disappear. This includes bonded pets.

First I used despair and tribulation seperately on wild creatures(bears) - corpses disappeared, then I tamed a wolf that was nearby and went back to the bonding gate - I bonded the pet and took it out of a guard zone and used despair on it. There was no ghost and no corpse. I then tamed a mongbat and repeated the bonding process. I used Tribulation on the mongbat once out of the guard zone, and then killed it with a spell. Again, no ghost and no corpse from a bonded critter.


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Does this mean that if you used despair on a champ spawn boss, or peerless boss that the corpse would be gone? No chance for anyone to loot it??


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
sound like coding with the bonding gate? didnt this happen with another skill awhile back?