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[Catskills] Considering selling PP Night Mare.


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I posted this in the trade forums but maybe here is more critical.
Apologies if you have read this...

I am being dead honest by saying I dont understand this market very well. I am not even sure how good she is.... you tell me

9x gm

315 hits
126 stam
128 mana
518 Str
125 dex
125 intell


charcoal body with jet black mane and tail... I believe we use to call this style a "Long Hair"

I have three of these all pretty close. I have one that I started training on so I will keep him for me.
but considering options on the other 2
Who knows maybe I should keep all three and do three different builds...
all advice appreciate... But really need an idea of reasonable value!


Lore Keeper
These go from 20-50 mil.(guild mate just bought 2 for 50 mil each).

This is decent, but with the current bug, i would hold onto them for a bit incase people mess up and need replacements.


Stratics Veteran
I am being dead honest by saying I dont understand this market very well. I am not even sure how good she is.... you tell me
I will say this. No one understands this market. It all depends on so many factors. A month or two ago someone was selling worse ones than that for 150m. Now there doesn't seem to be a big demand for nightmares though. Sometimes you have to wait for the right timing.

It's 4985 intensity, which if you go by ratings is 85.39%, or 51 from Legacy nightmare cap, which is a very decent nightmare. Ones that high are not all that common.

This one should go for a decent bit if you wait for the right time and buyer.


Crazed Zealot
These two folks are our experts. They both seem to agree that you have a high point mare. What they say holds true IF this is a 2 slot PP. If it is 3 slot, then we have a problem. Frankly, IF this is a 2 slot PP mare, being close to 85% intensity, it is a premium pet, and I would sell as such.
If you do decide to sell, I would put nice pics of all its stats, including the page with its training slots on the Traders Hall, state the fact that it is a 85% PP mare also, and make an auction with starting bid of your desire (such as : Starting bid 80M, buyout 120 M), and see what happens. If you dont sell it - no worries, you can sell later, or train it.
Or you may train it : This is where you must be careful! Train it 1st at TC1. Before you even do that, to save on time "build it" on cah-uo.com, and see where you will put the points. Then show the product here by copying and pasting the page here. Then go to TC1 and test it.
A great do not forget is : Give it 700 STR, and damage 24-33. I see this part messed up so many times on PP pets, it makes me want to pull the remaining of my hair out..lol.
Dont commit to prodo before you ask here on stratics, showing Khaelors page with stats and advancements.
I hope this helps. GL.