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(Player News) Congratulations to...


Stratics Veteran
What a month it has been for the Huntmasters!

We saw three new species added to the challenge, and SEVEN new records set! Well done, hunters, well done.

Congratulations are in order for:

@Bearclaw (Starcon), for his 2487 stone Saurosaurus, 438 stone Najasaurus, and for setting the first ever Scorpion record at 177 Stones.

@Tanager set the first Raptor record at 42 stones.

@MissEcho (Eshelle) Scored our first Sea Serpent record at 574 stones.

I finally managed to get a record on the books for a White Tiger at 595 stones, and set the Allosaurus record just a bit higher at 6326 stones.

Check out the All Time Siege Perilous Huntmaster's Challenge Records, for a full listing.

It’s an exciting time for Sosarian hunters. Along with the new species added, new, and I think very useful, rewards have been added. Check out The Huntmaster’s Challenge and consider joining the hunt!

As a result of last month’s flurry of hunting activity, the records I keep are almost completely filled with up-to-date information, except one species. I ask that any hunters out there with a spare permit, or two, please focus on Grey Wolves, and help me fill in that last unknown.

Of course, I'd be more than happy to host record size trophies at O’Malley's General Store