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Concept Ideas For Factions

  • Thread starter Zyon Rockler
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Zyon Rockler

This is not a complete system. It's a bunch of ideas that are not expanded on. Some of the issues are, the way points are made and how rank is held and how that affects things.

So, here's a long post of a Publish I would like to see for the Faction System.

Create new system for insurance. Call it Blessings. Build Churches for each Faction. Make them pay silver for the Blessing on each item so the Monks Bless the items. Remove Insure Tag and replace with a new Blessings Tag.

Create a new way to keep score in Factions so each Factions will be at a set rank as well as the player.

Set up goals, like, Hockey to pass and build points that unlock items that are spread through out the city in different shops. Allow reset of 24 hour server up, lock out items. City Control and other bonuses that are built though out the day.

Build a scoring system to reward the unlocks, such as, Super Greater Dragon which could spawn inside the main base that can be controlled by the Faction Leader or Level Rank of unlock.

So, certain unlocks inside this particular building would be available depending on the total Faction score and controlled by rank of individual.

Faction Leader chosen by highest scored player and active online player of highest rank.

Points will be given to players for doing anything destructive towards the enemy. Killing NPCs, putting out fires, removing flags, destroying Seige weapons, destroying towers and holding enemy guard positions.

So, for the killing or destroying of any unlock you will receive points based on the rank or points needed to use that unlock. So, points would be traded back and forth, in theory. So, you could almost destroy a Seige weapon and then be able to build one with those earned points or with the slaying of a spawn, you could produce your own spawn if you have the city under control and a working NPC and you are not compromised during its' creation.

For every 100 points you earn, 10 points goes to the base and is used to unlock the different items, such as, the Faction Armoury or the Faction Base items or the Control of the City.

Each Faction Base will have a main flag that can be captured, taken and replaced. Once this happens the base will belong to the enemy. The base must be held for a time period before the enemy will be able to use its' resources. As soon as the enemy flag is compromised, you will lose the ability to use the base and its' resources.

For holding the base you will receive large amounts of points. They will be given depending on the time the base is held. Once you control the base, you can kill NPCs in key buildings and replace the flags on the buildings to gain control of the individual buildings which will give special bonuses unique to that city.

Once all the buildings are converted, the Faction will own the base and the city and gain points for controlling the city, again, based on time the city is held. So, after 1 hour, you would gain points but if an enemy was able to infiltrate a building, kill the NPC, change the flag and respawn their NPC, you would lose control on that city. Just as if you were to lose control of the base, the timer would reset.

Sigs would become more like a Hockey Game. The timers would be low once you made a goal and you would have to protect and guard the Sig. Each time the Sig is passed, you will gain points to the main Faction Base. You will have to wait 30 minutes before trying to steal the Sig.

As long as you have the Sig, you will leave foot prints depending on your stealth skill. You will have 50 lower defense carrying it. The Sig can be stolen from your pack. You can also drop the Sig if you are killed. The Sig will drop to the ground and roll on the ground.

Churches will be safe inside and have an advantage for killing the enemy. Priests will also protect and attack opposing Factions.

Each Base that is held by a Faction will increase the points received. For every complete city will increase the percentage of points that are given.

Each building will have unique sets of unlocks, such as, the alchemist, stable, smith, and cook.

Champion Spawns will have Bosses that will drop silver new to the Champions. Opposing Factions will take greater damage from these spawns.

Vendors in Fel will have the option to use silver.

You will not receive silver for killing opposing Faction Members.

Enemy points will be scaled depending on the number of kills and deaths. If the enemy you kill has killed 0 people, you will receive 0 points.

You must have a kill streak to begin earning points after death.

You will always receive base points for killing an enemy.

The Flag and Sig will be located within the Bases' Walls of each Faction.

There will be signal fires and guard posts that will automatically, slowly, gain points as long as you are standing in the guard area or keeping the fires lit.


I like the creativity here..

it would be good to see some heavy changes to factions instead of just change in points and new items..