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Community Contributions


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When we overhauled and updated the site in March, one thing we lost was the AMS Article system. One thing that was missing from Wordpress was the default ability for anyone to contribute. That's now changed, if you register on the Portals you will now be able to submit articles for review and publishing. It's very simple.

Once you register on a portal all you need to do is:

Go to your Dashboard
Go to Posts > Add New
Fill in all the Content
Select a Category and add any tags you wish
Submit it for Review.


Once you have submitted an article, staff members will be notified via e-mail so they can review, and if necessary make minor corrections to spelling, add categories, SEO enhancement etc. and either approve it for publishing or if there is a major issue contact the author to work on a correction, or deny it in the case of spam.

We know that registering on another associated site may seem annoying, but at the moment there are no practical ways to bridge the accounts between Xenforo and Wordpress.


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I created a wordpress account on the bottom of the UO Stratics page, but there is no 'add post' option under Dashboard. Was this the wrong portal to register through?


OK I'm just slow I guess. I'm a returning player that used to submit fiction but that was way back. I'd like to do it again but I don't understand the portal thing. I tried downloading Word Press but can't find how to launch it. Anyone that can offer some guidance it would be appreciated.


Well I've done something totally wrong and now have a blog with the beginning of my story. For some reason I can't seem to get it to attach to the Ultima Online Stratics section that is shown in the picture on the dashboard. On the top left corner it just shows My site. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I seem to have published it to the web.

Inkboy the Wild

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I know Bob rather well, I would have taken care of the getting you back up and running with AMS. If you ever want to get back to that integrated system, please let me know if I can be of any assistance.