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Come Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Jhelom!


New Image Monkey.JPG

Jhelom is celebrating the coming Lunar New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey with our sister land, City of Blue Crane, Zento- Makuto. A time for gratitude, respect, wealth and prosperity.

Jhelom farm located on the northern island, second pen to the east of the teleporter (coordinate 174,11s-9,54w)

February 5, 2016 @ 9pm eastern time

In the beginning of the event a fireworks wand will be given out to everyone, and shoot them off at one time to start the event. There will be 4 Chefs to prepare food for the Jade Emperor, this is where the chefs will need everyone’s help. We must get the ingredients that each chef calls for so they can make a dish that will please the Jade Emperor. Each Chef will call for 3 ingredients that can be purchased at different location, tavern, farmer, inn, dock, Jhelom baker and a gate to Zento bank for Koku Kitchen on the west side of the bank . You may only turn in 1 of each ingredient; the chef will not take multiples. You will be rewarded for your turn in. When you get to the last chef, you will be given an item to turn in to receive a Lunar Token Box with a key to open it. I would like everyone to walk to get ingredients, there is no need for mounts or tamed animals in this event, if you bring one, I ask that you please leave them outside the fence.

Some items to be given out in the Lunar Token Box will be 25mil, 20mil, 15mil, Boots of Escaping, Crimson Cincture, Hand Carved White Tiger, Sacred Lava Rock, +25 Ultimate Scroll of Power, Valiant Commendation, Soleil Rouge set, Nova Bleue set, Essence of a Nascent Time Gate and many other things. Once I lock the boxes and bag them, I myself will not know what is in a Lunar Token box. So don’t forget to turn in your item from the last chef to receive your Lunar Token.

Lunar Token Boxes will be given out once the Jade Emperor is pleased with what has been prepared for him.

We will also have Eurgrain the fortune teller, so stop at her booth and have your fortune read.

Food and Wine for everyone.

Jhelom Governor ANGELICA