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[Selling] Clearout: Scrolls, Arties and Gems.

Garm The Green

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Looking to sell the following, as scottish hero willing to listen to offers.


  • Turquoise ring (+5%SSI FC1 +3%SDI) ready to imbue...
    Jackals collar cursed
    Winds Edge
    Legacy of Dread Lord
    Soul Seekers
    Fey Leggins
    Talon Bite
    Kasa of Raj-in
    Black lotus hood
    Pads of cu sidhe
    Full virtue armour set (minus cloak obtained by quest)
    Heart of lion
    Assasin armour (arms)
    Possibly Hunters Head' dependant on good offer.
    Sword of stampede
    Bloodwood spirit +10 spirit, +5 necro
    Quiver of rage, of elements
    Ecru Citrine +50 enhance pots, +6 dex, +7% DCI
    2 x Chest of heirlooms


  • 120 Tame, Imbue
    115 Provo, Swords, Wrestle, Spellweave, Mace, Resist, Focus, Healing.
    110 Eval, tame, swords etc etc (just in case:p)
    + A ton of SOT which I want to get rid of...


  • 60k regular
    10k shadow
    12k dull
    6k copper, gold & bronze
    4k agapite


  • 70-90 All mining gems (except turquoise)
    38 small blackrock (what are these even for??)

ICQ/PM me, cheers all.



Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well, too bad.

I might be interested in that Ecru Citrine ring, tho - how much do you want for it?