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[Feedback] [Cleanup Event] Items that need value before live


Stratics Veteran
Post items that have no value on test that you would like to see added before going live. (value subject for review of course)

Old personel bless deeds 500
Old Soulstone fragments 500
Old Full Soulstone 1200
Daemon Bone 2 per
Toxic Venom Sac 50
All seeds 10 per
Silver Serpent Venom 100 per
Alarcity scroll 1000
Ancient Pottery Fragments 50 per
Void Essence 50 per
Scrapper's Compendium 1600
Magical Residue 1 per
Enchanted Essence 5 per
Relic Fragment 200 per
Bone (s)(crafting material ones) 5 per
Arcane Gem 5 per
Fur (from ter-mur beasts) 1 per 1
Slith Tongue 50
Firehorn 25
Lava Serpent Crust 100
Leather wolf skin
Reflective wolf eyes

Magical Jewelry off mobs have no value atm. Needs to be adjusted point value for magical properties just like armor n weapons pls.


Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
pink champagne, 300th anniversary bags, happy valentines day bags - need to give some points

large blackrock should be worth a lot more
pieces of blackrock that don't say small piece should be worth a lot more

Lord X

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Yeah I really thought Soulstones and Compendiums would be worth something.

To add:

Essence of Persistence (the dark red useless one)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
add the old spring cleaning tickets. I found a check of them that i never turned in :\


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bones and Demon bones can be purchased from npc, so i dont think it will be added.

And i figured people were keeping the soul stones to return to players if they came back..

I am not sure what a new players comming back after years not in game can realy turn in...
I was not here myself for the 2008 cleaning so have no clue how people got there points..

Did they not say you can turn in the old cleaning tickets for equal points?

I think there trying to watch on adding items that you can buy from npc at a lower price of what it would cost using gold..

1 Bone 5 gold = 5 points yet 100 gold is = 1 point. so it would just cause people to scrip buying ..

Its to bad there was no way to add the old colored event armor i think from 2005 i have found so much of this stuff in the dump and idocs...and see no use for it...other then deco.

Bombastic Fail

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Please please pleaseeee add the old whispering roses!!

These are the roses from WAY back in the day (10+ years ago).

Not the AOS different color roses (although they have the AOS ones for turn in! :confused:). And all the whispering roses left are either useless; or people have the names for nostaglic reason. Let's add them please. Thanks. :) :thumbup1:

PS: I kept these for 10+ years for nothing? lol.