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Class: Warlock - Guides and How To's



This thread is meant for Warlock guides and "how-tos". Feel free to contribute.


<font color=blue>Shards</font color=blue>

Apart from the usual load of pots, bandages, tubers, dragonbreath and other things you should aim to have as many shards as possible (although 1.11 have reduced usefulness of more than pots/HS as tubers etc are on same cooldown as HS). How many shards you need varies, depending on the number of warlocks in the raid (given all come prepared).

Keep in mind that in instances like MC/ZG it is quite easy to get more shards during the run. This is tougher in BWL – much so considering that a few wipes can more or less clear out your shard inventory if you are generous with HS - and also for some outdoor bosses.

Overall I would suggest bringing 40+ shards, never less than 30. You cannot have too many, simple as that.

A last thing to consider here is to avoid carrying around too much non-essential junk in your bags. Additional resist gear, pots etc should not require more then two full 16-slot bags. With a 24 slot shard bag and two additional 16 slotters you can carry 50+ shards.

<font color=blue>Addons</font color=blue>

Not everything regarding preparation is done in-game. Get Add-ons that help. Shard counters, DoT and Banish timers etc are your friends. Also, get Damage meter. Epeen craze aside, a warlock is a damage dealer. Chase high DPS in a smart way. The meters help you push dps up while finding out where the aggro limit is. Never strive for more damage at the expense of over aggroing.



Titan shard addon


DoT Timer


Nature EnemyCastBar

Damage/DPS meter:


SW Stats



Necrosis (multi-functional mod)

On top of this check what add-ons your guild/raiding group demands (CT Raid etc).

<font color=blue>Gear </font color=blue>

If you are doing MC/BWL it means that you have access to numerous funky things to kit up in. It is essential though for the raid effort that you have good gear before you set out for these places. While the rest of the raid might carry you along, less good gear equals adding limited value to raid. The pre-end game instances can provide you with over 200 DMG boost quite easily, including some high STA and INT gear. How you value each component varies a bit with build but the general conclusion (and mine) is that the order goes:

+DMG &gt; STA &gt; INT &gt;&gt; &gt; SPI

Mana/health regen can help, but the former adds more for priests (mages and druids as well). Have not done the maths on it but generally I would rate it at least below STA. As with mana regen, you would need quite a bit of it to be helpful (for mana I think the recommended for priests is at 40-50/5 sec, a warlock should probably not strive for less).

In the end: focus on +DMG. Even simple ‘Of Shadow Wrath’ items can be better then some blue non-dmg gear. At least as a complement. So, as I view it, every warlock entering MC/BWL should make sure to have at least +200 DMG.

Resist gear is needed as well. While gimping DMG/STA too much is not good, pushing towards 100 FR at least for some MC/BWL fights helps much. Try to get the items that combine these factors. As healers progress (and have more mana to help heal warlocks as well as prio targets) more STA/DMG in favour of resist gear can be an option. Much resist gear should not be underestimated though and for some fights it will be important, no matter how good your healers are (Vael, for example). Staying alive throughout a fight can easily mean more damage output in the end.

So, take the time to farm gear in pre-end game instances as well (or do PvP, if you have the time, the gear is good for PvE as well). Also, make sure that you enchant items for that extra little boost to health, damage etc.

For a quick summary of some of the items worth chasing pre-endgame see below:

Head: Crown of the Ogre King (King Gordok, DM North), Crimson Felt hat (Barthilas, Stratholme undead), Spellweaver turban (Drakkisath, UBRS), Bad Mojo Mask (Sezz'ziz, Zul'farrak)

Neck: Anastari Heirloom (Anastari, Stratholme undead), Gemshard Heart (Theradras, Maraudon – soloable, good gear + speed enchant on boots helps), Tempest talisman (Hydrospawn), Diana’s necklace (Cannonmaster, Stratholme scarlet)

Shoulders: Deadwalker mantle (Rattlegore, Scholomance), Necropile mantle (Scholomance 'six bosses'), Shroud of Nathrezim (Balnazzar, Stratholm scarlet), Burial shawl (Scholomance 'six bosses')

Cloak: Deep woodlands cloak (Horde only quest, Hinterlands), AV cloak (Honored AV), Amplifying cloak (Kalendris, DM West)
Chest: Robe of Everlasting Night (Immol’thar, DM West), Robe of Winter night (Crafted), Necropile robe (Scholomance, 'six bosses'), Robe of the Void (Epic crafted BoP – in other words, you need to get Tailoring to 300)

Wrists: Necropile cuffs (Scholomance, 'six bosses'), Sublime wristguards (Guards Slip'kik/Mol’dar, DM North)

Gloves: Sandworm skin gloves (Silithus quest, kill raid boss), Felcloth gloves (crafted), Gloves of shadowy mist (Zevrim Thornhoof, DM East)

Belt: AV belt (Honored AV), Thuzadin sash (Nerub’enkan, Stratholme undead), Dustfeather sash (Solokar, UBRS)

Legs: Necropile leggings (Scholomance 'six bosses'), Skyshroud leggings (Highlord Omokk, LBRS)

Boots: Omnicast boots (Golem lord, BRD), Maleki’s footwraps (Maleki, Stratholme undead), Necropile boots (Scholomance, 'six bosses')

Rings: WSG ring (Honored), Don Rodrigo (AV Exalted), Songstone of Ironforge (BRD quest, Horde has equivalent), Band of Rumination (Rend, UBRS), Band of Flesh (Ramstein, Stratholme undead – don’t get too greedy, this is good stuff for other classes)

Trinket: Royal Seal of Eldre'Thelas (DM class book quest), Eye of the Beast (UBRS/LBRS), quest), Briarwood reed (Rare UBRS Spawn, Jed Runewatcher), Burst of Knowledge (Flamelash, BRD)

Two-hand staff: AV staff (Honored), Rod of the Ogre Magi (DM North, Gordok Tribute)

One-handers: Blade of the New Moon (Immol’thar, DM West), Witchblade (Gandling, Scholomance), Mind Carver (Prince Tortheldrin, DM West), Inventor’s focal sword (Gizlock, Maraudon – soloable with decent gear), Verimonde’s last resort (AD rep/grind reward, EPL)

Off-handers: Shard of the green flame (Warlock quest, Felwood), Umbral Crystal (World drop)

Wand: Bonecreeper Stylus (Gandling, Scholomance), Stormrager (quest, EPL)

Warlock quests (level 52-ish stuff): both the robe and staff (scythe) are good items and will support you for quite a while, once raiding you will probably regret not taking the trinket

Felcloth set (crafted): Green items that are a bit costly in comparison to some blue drops, nice +dmg though so a few pieces can help your damage output until you get better gear

Dreadmist: some good stats but missing +dmg, upgrading it is another matter

Deathmist: a full set brings you up almost on part with Felheart, excluding resist bonuses, that said, the task is tough but at least getting the BoE Dreadmist items and upgrading those is worth it

PvP set: the blue set is good stuff, and of course the epic even more so. While a few pieces (up to rank 8) does not demand too much time once above lvl 50, the ranks above that starts demanding scary amounts of time. If hour upon hour of BG grinding is not your thing, go farm pre-end game instances

Fire Resist gear: Polychromatic visionwrap (Chest, Solokar in UBRS, +20 FR), Wildfire cape (Cloak, Emberseer in UBRS, +20 FR), Dragonskin cowl of... (Head, Gyth in UBRS, +15 FR (other versions too, NR etc)), Dragonrider boots (Boots, Rend in UBRS, +10 FR), Starfire Tiara (Head, Jed Runewatcher (rare spawn) in UBRS, +10 FR), Skull of Burning Shadows (Off-hand, Maleki in Stratholme undead, +15 FR (also +10 SR)), Skullsmoke pants (Legs, Vectus (summonable after quest) in Scholomance, +10 FR (also +5 SR)), Onyxia scale (Cloak, crafted (requires Onyxia scales and Cindercloth cloak)), Seal of Ascension (Ring, UBRS key, parts found in LBRS, +10 FR (also +10 NR/FrR)), Cloak of Fire (Cloak, crafted, +6 FR), Flameweave cuffs of... (Wrists, Incendius in BRD (solo stuff^^), +10 FR), Kindling Stave (Staff, Loregrain in BRD (soloable, although tough), +10 FR), Torch of Austen (Wand, BoE world drop (check AH), +10 FR), Magmus Stone (Off-hand, Magmus in BRD, +15 FR), Cape of the Fire Salamander (Cloak, Flamelash in BRD, +12 FR), Drakefire amulet (Neck, Onyxia attunement reward, +15 FR), Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector (Trinket (requires 300 Engineering to use), crafted, +18 FR)

Nature Resist gear: Vineroot Sandals (Boots, Razorlash in Maraudon, 12 NR); Charged gear of... (Ring, Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan, 5 NR); Malfurion’s Signet ring (Green dragons, +20 NR); Heart of Noxxion (Trinket, not unique, Noxxion in Maraudon, 10 NR); Smoking Heart of the Mountain (Trinket, crafted, +7 NR), Noxious Shooter (Wand, Noxxion in Maraudon, 5 NR); Rod of Corrosion (Wand, Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple, +10 NR); Staff of Protection (Sold by Zarena Cromwind in BB in SV, +6 NR); Polychromatic Visionwrap (Chest, Solakar Flamewreath in UBRS, +20 NR); Fangdrip Runners (Boots, Nerub’enkan in Strat Undead, +20 NR); Chloromesh Girdle (Belt, Razorlash in Maraudon, +20 NR); Grovekeeper’s d*%%* (Cloak, Celebras the Cursed in Maraudon, +10 NR); Wolfshear Leggings (Legs, Gizrul the Slavener in BRD (arena event mob), +10 NR); Shadewood cloak (Cloak, Alzzin the Windshaper in DM, +7 NR); Chan’s Imperial Robes (Chest, Mith’rethis the Enchanter in Hinterlands (rare), +5 NR); Phasing boots of NR (Phase Lasher in DM, +18 NR); Archaedic stone of NR (Ring, Archaedas in Uldaman, +17 NR); Flameweave cuffs of NR (Wrists, Incendius in BRD, +15 NR); Dragonscale cowl of NR (Head, Gyth in UBRS, +15 NR); Fluctuating cloak of NR (Cloak, Prince Tortheldrin in DM, +15 NR); Archivist Cape of NR (Cloak, Archivist Galford in Strat living, +15 NR); Sylvan Shoulders (Shoulders, Crafted (Friendly with CC), 20 NR); Sylvan Crown (Head, Crafted (Honored with CC), 30 NR); Gaea's embrace (Cloak, Crafted (Revered with CC), 20 NR); and Sylvan vest (Chest, Crafted (Revered with CC), 30 NR).

Shadow Resist gear: Darkshade gloves (Hands, Jandice in Scholomance, +10 SR), Funeral cuffs (Wrists, Vosh’gajin in LBRS, +10 SR), High Priestess boots (Boots, Moira Bronzebeard in BRD, +10 SR), Polychromatic Visionwrap (Chest, Solokar in UBRS, +20 SR), Runed Stygian belt (Belt, crafted, +20 SR), Runed Stygian boots (Boots, crafted, +20 SR), Runed Stygian leggings (Legs, crafted, +25 SR), Satyrmane sash (Belt, Vyletongue in Maraudon, +10 SR (get while farming NR)), Shadowy laced handwraps (Hands, Anastari in Stratholme undead, +12 SR), Skull of Burning Shadows (Off-hand, Maleki in Stratholme undead, +10 SR (also FR)), Smoking Heart of the Mountain (Trinket, crafted, +7 SR), Ward of the Elements (Trinket, quest reward from Jailbreak (Onyxia chain, Alliance only), +8 SR), Serpentine Skuller (Wand, Jed Runewatcher (Rare) in UBRS, +10 SR), Ultra-Flash shadow reflector (Trinket (requires 300 Engineering to use), crafted, +20 SR)

Note: SR gear has limited use. While it does help on some encounters a warlock should seldom suffer from heavy shadow damage. Exception would be Twin emperors if lock is used to tank (see comments below).

<font color=blue>The builds </font color=blue>

While this topic has been discussed over and over, it is a part of any warlocks raiding efforts. For the latter there are a few key criteria to consider first of all:

[*]Tanks need Bloodpact from the imp, preferably improved Bloodpact (through Imp imp)
[*]Quite a few others can benefit from Bloodpact too and although good healing can make it less necessary it will always be welcome
[*]At least one in the raid should have Imp HS. 1440 HP/stone helps. A mix of 0/2, 1/2 and 2/2 Imp HS is optimal.
[*]Bane is the single most important talent to boost DPS as Shadowbolts are warlocks no 1 damage dealer. Damage increase is ~20%

Playstyle defines the build that suits every player best. There is no ‘best’ way to specc. But there are better and less good builds for raiding. In my view any player dedicated to raiding should chose a build that supports this the most. Warlocks are helped relative many classes that so many builds are a decent option. The only consideration sometimes could be how well the build performs in regard to farming, as this (sadly) is a necessary part of any serious raiders WoW life. To get gold, runecloth and whatnot you have few other options (apart from pre-end game instance running). Thus the farming aspect can be considered as well.

I have spent at least a week on each of these builds (except Nightfall/SL) and, for some, quite a bit longer. While a more extensive testing might give a more clear answer of pros and cons this is how I would briefly summarize them. For those interested, my preference is either SM/Ruin or DS/Ruin.

<u>SM/Ruin (30/0/21) </u>

King of damage. Someone said that ‘you do more damage then a shadow priest on crack’, which summarises it nicely. Downtime during farming is a bugger.
Pros: Loads of damage (SM, Bane and Ruin) plus Siphon Life, Nightfall, extra reach (for both Dots and DD), less easily interrupted Lifedrain/RoF/HF and no reason not to have imp out for Blood pact. Suppression and less resists equals more damage as well.
Cons: No extra STA, no Imp imp and no Imp HS. You are not the tanks friend. Ruin plus all your extra damage means that threat can be an issue (spike from crits especially).

<u>DS/Ruin (7/21/21+2) </u>

Potentially great damage, great farming with virtually no downtime.
Pros: Great damage from Ruin and Bane, especially with Succy sacced (or Imp for AoE). Extra reach of DD, less easily interrupted RoF/HF, can boost STA, Imp imp, Imp HS and DS and, lastly, can sacc for health/mana regen. Supression also nice.
Cons: Saccing for health or mana regen means no imp and in turn no Blood pact. Often the value of sacced pet &lt; gain from Bloodpact for others. No extra reach on Dots. Ruin adds risk of threat spikes.

<u>DP (31/9/11) </u>

Dark Pact – hate it or love it. Consistent damage above DS/Ruin (no Ruin and threat spikes but constant added DMG from SM). Can also farm well.
Pros: Great damage as have SM and bane, can DP (good for all situations when healer mana is best used elsewhere or for keeping high pace overall during run), extra Dot reach, Nightfall and less easily interrupted Lifedrain. Extra STA, Imp imp and (with 9 in Dem) get 1/2 Imp HS for happy tanks. Supression nice as well.
Cons: No extra reach on DD

<u>MD/Ruin (0/30/21) </u>

Threat reduction means spamming ‘bolts like there is no tomorrow. Option to sacc means great farming. In my view, value of MD/Ruin is either: a) warlock outgear the rest and risk aggro; b) tanks are not good enough. If none holds true there are better builds. Still, its popular and probably for good reason (although it still eludes me a bit).
Pros: Great damage (especially if you can do the sacc succy plus ress her combo), threat reduction or extra damage/resist, hitpoints and extra reach on DD.
Cons: No insta-cast corruption, no Imp Lifetap, no extra reach on Dots, no Nightfall, no Supression

<u>SL (9/31/11) </u>

The king of 1-on-1 PvP builds and with decent damage. Good for farming as can sacc VW for regen.
Pros: Decent damage (more if SL is active or can sacc (and ress) succy), threat reduction, Imp Lifetap and instant Corr nice too plus a bit in Supression
Cons: Lacking all the extra damage talents (SM, Ruin (and crit add), Nightfall) as well as extra reach for both DD and Dot

<u>Nightfall/SL (20/31/0) </u>

Another PvP build with a bit more DoT flavour but less DD capability. Better then 9/31/11 for farming as have Imp DL together with DS option.
Pros: Low damage (more if SL is active or can sacc (and ress) succy), threat reduction, Imp Lifetap, Imp imp, Imp HS, instant Corr and Nightfall plus extra DoT reach
Cons: Lacking Bane (lacking DD big time), no extra DD reach

<u>Destruction (7/7/37) </u>

Firelock. For the pyromaniacs loving high damage. Often seen as PvP build due to reliable burst damage. Like SM/Ruin suffers from downtime issue for farming.
Pros: Great damage (need non-shadow damage gear though), extra reach for DD spells and extra STA plus Imp HS
Cons: Hurt by high FR on mobs in MC/BWL, if wants extra STA no Imp imp or Imp HS, no Nightfall or Supression, no extra reach on Dots

<u>Nightfall/Conflag </u>

Another high instant damage build with a bit of PvP rather then PvE flavour. Potentially more damage then pure Destruction given shadow bolts still being the most important damage factor.
Pros: High damage (Nightfall adds to the bolt spamming), extra reach on both Dots and DD
Cons: No Imp imp, extra STA or Imp HS

<u>SM/DS </u>

If SM/Ruin is the king of damage, SM/DS is the king of grinding. DoTs are devastating and DS offers either more damage or everlasting mana (more or less). Loss of Bane is huge though in regards to Shadowbolt damage.
Pros: High DoT damage, extra reach on DoTs and can DS for mana or extra damage, Imp imp, Imp HS and extra STA
Cons: Lacking Bane, which is a big loss damage wise, no extra DD reach, no intensity and overall lacking burst DPS

<u>21/8/21 </u>

A hybrid build that mainly does good as raid support. An alternative to complement other warlocks. With 8p in Dem you can get 1/2 Imp HS. After 3/3 Imp imp can trade 5p for higher Dest or Affl. but will not impact raid damage much. Apart from raid support, not very good. Weak at farming and lack SM/CoEx for PvP.
Pros: Extra range on DoT and DD, Imp imp, Imp HS and extra STA
Cons: No strong weakness except can be outpaced in most areas (except raid support) by most other builds

<font color=blue>Ranking builds for damage </font color=blue>

This is likely to bring comments... Note though that this is for MC/BWL. AQ, and later Naxxramas, is another issue possibly, where encounter specific factors can make other builds more viable in terms of damage output.

First off: the guild I am in has fricking awesome tanks. Pulling aggro from them requires some crazy crits or just nuking like a maniac. Hopefully your situation is the same. When starting out though, keep in mind that most guilds prioritize tanks (and healers) for gear. This means that tank gear &gt; warlock gear for a long time, which in turn makes it tougher for the less well geared warlock to steal aggro. If played well aggro should thus not be much of an issue until your gear as a warlock have really started to rack up in terms of +dmg (when you areat around +400 your average dps starts having quite the impact aggro wise). This is as Alliance though. Hordies have it tough with no lol... bub... paladins to help, at least until expansion.

If aggro is an issue, MD comes into play as a great asset for topping the damage charts and thus gets it well deserved spot as a favourite raiding build. Here I have chosen to give it less weight and simply look at damage output. If aggro is an issue, give MD much greater weight.

To keep in mind:

[*]SM adds 10% shadow damage
[*]Ruin adds ~5% damage overall
[*]Sacced succy with DS adds 15% shadow damage (ress and with MD and you got +10% more)
[*]MD and succy out add 10% to all damage
[*]SL adds 3% to all damage when active

Numerous factors come into play when comparing all different builds. However, speaking in very general terms (and without dressing up all these factors in numbers and equations), it seem to be a fact that most warlocks use shadowbolts as the first and foremost way of dealing damage. Also, there are several epic and non-epic pieces of gear with +shadow DMG and chances are decent that any warlock has more +shadow DMG then general +spell DMG. With this generalisation in mind raiding builds that give a boost to shadow damage should add more to total damage output then a fire build (or mixed fire/shadow). Especially when considering the nature of MC/BWL mobs (FR resists). If this is not the case regarding your gear then the value of each build could be different. With that said, here goes:

1. SM/Ruin or DS/Ruin (if can sacc succy (or imp), can top SM if never need imp for support)
2. Nightfall/Conflag; and Destro (note need of non-shadow dmg gear)
3. DP (SM adds 10% and Ruin adds ~5%, including Nightfall DP &gt; DS/Ruin or MD/Ruin)
4. DS/Ruin (no sacc, with it can top SM/Ruin)
5. 21/8/21 (more consistent damage then SL but sacc is no option though)
6. MD/Ruin (no sacc, with it would end up 3-4)
7. SL (no sacc, with it would end up between 3-4 but after MD/Ruin)
8. Nightfall/SL and SM/DS (raiding weaksauce (unless sacc succy))

<font color=blue>The battles</font color=blue>

Warlocks are damage dealers and de-buffers. Make sure that the optimal curses are up. The warlocks in the raid should assign curses to each that are applied asap on all mobs. Depending on class set up I would say the order is:

1. Curse of Elements (Fire and Frost spell damage)
2. Curse of Recklessness (Melee damage)
3. Curse of Shadow (Shadow and Arcane damage, do not forget the latter)
4. Curse of Agony

CoE/CoR can be changed after the number of melee relative to number of mages (total damage output from each damage source). In many occassions it could probably prove worthwhile to even put CoR before CoE on agenda (check your raid, if the no of melee/ranged (non-spell) damage dealers &gt; mages then for single target CoR is likely to be better then CoE. Remember also that CoR gives the tank a higher threat, which raises the aggro ceiling for others and in return give casters a chance for higher DPS as well. The curse thus has a lot of use. Keep the type of fight in mind though, as this can impact total damage done).

CoR is a bit trickier to understand then CoE or CoS. Based on calculations Psy did (but only for low armour). Assuming, as Psy, that 20% of the tanks threat comes from physical damage I found the following values in regard to Threat increase and Reduced damage reduction (first number is threat, second increase in damage). Note that armor referred to is before sunders and that instead of using lvl 60 for the mob (as Psy did) I used lvl 63, which I found more appropriate for a boss in MC/BWL.

10k : 1,4% / 5,0%
9k : 1,6% / 5,4%
8k : 1,7% / 5,9%
7k : 1,9% / 6,5%
6k : 2,1% / 7,2%
5k : 2,4% / 8,1%
4k : 2,7% / 9,3%
3k : 3,0% / 10,5%

CoR could potentially cause problems (like on Broodlord, given the threat ceiling of the MT). However, unless the raid is riding dangerously close to the 'threat edge' in such battles, CoR should still be helpful.

If more then three warlocks, the rest do CoA. Since CoA is dependant on damage gear and talents (although Imp CoA does not scale with gear), more than three warlocks should mean that highest DMG gear (plus eventual talents) have priority on doing CoA. Not for Epeen, but for overall damage output.

With a maximum of 16 debuff slots it is essential that this is considered by raid leaders. More then 16 debuffs means that some are pushed off the mob, leading to a waste of mana. There is an automatic debuff priority (for example keeping the curses above on the target) but it not functioning very well. For any raid consider the following (as an example, raid participation might make it vary, this is for three warlocks):

3 slots for curses
3 slots for spell procs (frost, fire and shadow)
3 slots for corruption
1 slot for hunters mark
1 slot for Hemo
= 11 slots

This would leave five slots for weapon procs, perhaps immolate, shadow weaving etc. In other words, if you add an immolate from three warlocks, there are only two slots open. If four warlocks, and all do curses + corruption + immolate, then twelve slots already are occupied, meaning that several spell/melee procs can easily push them off.

So, discuss debuffs before raid and make sure all understand the implications. A poor use of debuff slots are imo hunters using stings, low +dmg druids using moonfire, druid rupture or rogue garrotte.

With debuff priority squared away, over to the battle...

Throwing up the assigned curse is the first step in more or less any fight. Thereafter, either start shadowbolt spamming (with Corruption following first bolt) or throw up Corruption right away. Some like to add Immolate as well. If your +shadow DMG gear adds up to quite a bit more then general +spell DMG, do not bother imo. Same goes for Ruin builds (bolt crit &gt; Immolate crit). If not, it will add nice dps as well.

Keep Corruption up at all time and just spam bolts. Lifetap only when mana is more or less out (except if rebanishing is necessary). Tap once, spam and use Corruption if needed. Tap again. If you are not getting heals, consider a Life drain but more or less all the time tap + bandage = more damage then Life drain + tap. If you are getting heals, I find few reasons on most fights to use Life drain. Wasting time on lower damage in comparison to another shadowbolt or two.

Towards end of fight, a well timed Shadow Burn will add nice DPS. Go for a shard if you need it. Do not start to early though. Learn to time your CD on bolts with the last thing you do. If short on time, consider using one Searing Pain before Shadow Burn or going for a shard.

If you are doing CoA, keep the increasing damage in mind. Learn how long mobs will last. If it is not to last beyond at least half the duration I would save the mana (at least for trash mobs) or debuff spot for other things.

If there is a lack of Dots on the target, put up Siphon life if you have it. Its damage is low though so do not take a debuff slot for it. Such consideration should be taken by other classes as well. Discuss it beforehand if need be.

<font color=blue>Specific fights </font color=blue>

Below is a quick comments on all the boss fights throughout MC and BWL. Note that MC is pretty straightforward: as long as the rest of the raid know what they are doing you will basically just be spamming bolts, using corruption (or other Dots) and curse. Banishing some trash mobs (like for lava packs) and during Garr fight is an exception. BWL is a bit more iffy.

Overall though warlocks does not have it too tough overall in MC and BWL. Tanks and healers need to learn plenty of stuff that you can skip. While MC is very straightforward, BWL basically is about learning damage output and in turn threat versus tanks and when to be in or out of LOS. Plus some small tidbits.

Note that this assumes that you are overall familiar with the different boss fights overall. Read up on some strategy guides (check:

http://leftoversraiding.org/groupee/forums/a/frm/f/77010864 ; http://www.wowwiki.com/Main_Page (check various instances) ; and http://www.worldofraids.com/) and watch movies to learn encounters.

<u>Zul’Gurub </u>

Do not DoT sleeped or sheeped mobs. Otherwise, bolt and DoT.

Venoxis. Just DPS.
Spider. Take it easy on the DoT’s as can bring too much aggro to caster camp.
Bloodlord. Just DPS. Do not aggro.
Thekal. Just DPS. Take it easy on DoTs in phase 1 so do not kill/take down hitpoints to low before can kill all three bosses for phase 2.
Arlokk. Overall just DPS. Panter spawns can be handled differently. You might have to use RoF depending on tactic.
Jin’do. DoT Jin’do, use SP/wand on totems. Kill shades fast when cursed, I prefer SP or perhaps a shadowburn to finish off quickly.
Ghazranka. Just DPS.
Hakkar. Just DPS. DoTs will disappear at each drain Hakkar does (when you are in poison cloud).

<u>MC </u>

Plenty of mobs with high FR resists to shadow damage generally &lt;&lt; fire damage. Loads of mobs to get a shard from so make sure more or less all have HS at all times (if at least 2-3 warlocks in the raid). Always be ready to banish for adds and/or Lava packs.

Lucifron. Kill adds then kill boss.
Magmadar. Just DPS at max range. Use FR pot if feared into fiery blobs often.
Gehennas. DPS adds then boss. Run out of his RoF attack if need be.
Baron Geddon. Simple as well, just run if you got the bomb.
Garr. All warlocks are assigned one add that is to be banished. With banish timer ticking, just keep an eye on it so that it does not break early. Having your VW hitting on it helps but if you just stay focused it is not necessary. Watch which add is DPS’d and add whatever damage you can. A dot or two at least. If your assigned add is kept alive during the DPS on Garr just continue to do what damage you can.
Shazzrah. Pretty straightforward DPS. Just run away if he teleports near you to avoid arcane explosion.
Golemagg. Just DPS. Do not DPS or curse adds in any way.
Sulfuron. Again, DPS adds then boss.
Majordomo. DPS on the mob selected by the raid leader. Do not dot anything else as mobs need to be sheeped and a sloppy corruption can hurt badly (and wipe raid).
Ragnaros. As a warlock a pretty straightforward fight. At max range spam bolts, corrupt and curse. When sons pop, a banish or two can help (I suggest low rank), otherwise just do damage at long range. Avoid coming near and lose mana. Continue with the bolt spamming when Raggy comes up again. Only boss you need FR gear for (get it!). A FR pot or two helps. Aggro should not be an issue so go damage crazy. Yeehaaa!


Get a high DPS wand for each type of spell damage that you do not have (Frost, Nature, Arcane) so that a decent damage output is given on resistent trash mobs and Chromaggus.

Fear dragons (perhaps CoEx) that are not kited, CoT casters and kill them. Kill legionaires if not trained. Howl of terror at end of phase 1 and single target fear. Keep mobs away from Razorgore. Then proceed to the all so familiar bolt spamming/corruption/cursing.
Vaeleastraz. The usual stuff but at crazy pace. Hope for BA and go bolt crazy. Happy spamming.
Broodlord Lashlayer. Aggro management is key. Curse and use Corruption. If his hitpoints go down at a steady pace and your gear equals rest of raid, shadowbolt once every 2-3% of his life (perhaps a tad more often depending on your gear). Lifedrain is an option here. Otherwise wand in between Dots/Curses, especially if you are afraid of getting aggro. The occassional bolt. This is a fight where MD shines, especially if you are uncertain where your damage output level versus tanks is. After a while you should find a steady, modest DPS pace that let you throw out MD for more exciting talents. Note that DP and DS regen builds threat as well.
Firemaw. A long and proctracted fight. Step into LOS. Curse and corrupt. Do a bolt or two while debuffs build up. Watch your health. With decent FR gear you should be able to do two bolts or so, perhaps renew corruption, before you need to step out of LOS. If few debuffs, put up Siphon Life if you have it. A Life drain can be worth it two. Wait for debuffs to go out, bandage if needed. Then step into LOS. Rince and repeat.
Ebonroc. Correctly handled warlocks should always be out of harms way. Just DPS to your hearts content as long as you do not steal aggro.
Flamegor. Changed so doing Firemaw style fighting is no longer an option. DoT and Bolt without getting aggro. Bandage when needed and use pots.
Chromaggus. Warlocks have less then others to think about. Just pop in and out of LOS. Use the correct spell damage. Keep assigned curses up and otherwise DPS the way that hurts the most. Wand if not Fire or Shadow has low resist. Watch for aggro though on vulnerability. A few mega bolt crits can turn it to a nasty situation for you.


Phase 1. The resistance from mobs mean that warlock AoE damage is varied but still pretty decent in comparison to only doing single target attacks. RoF if does good damage and use bolts/dots on shadow vulnerable mobs. If the raid is divided into single target and AoE groups the choice depends on the assigned position.
Phase 2. Stand at max range to avoid Fear. The warlock class call is to get two infernals dropping on you. Kill them off quickly. With (especially) mage help they go down fast. Make sure they are taken away from healers as aura attack disrupts heals.
Phase 3. Help with AoE on constructs. If you get aggro, a quick VW summon and sacc can help (healers are (correctly) often more focused on mages, meaning that help can be delayed). After that, just DPS.

<u>Outdoor bosses </u>

A good reason to always have plenty of shards – your summoning can be difference between winning the kill or losing it to another guild (or a long stand-off with other faction, perhaps). Note that the debuff from dying to the Emerald dragons or Azuregos make SSing worthless.

Kazzak. Use shadow ward as soon as not on CD. Dish out damage as fast as possible. Do not go below 1k mana. Do not die. Simple.

Azuregos. Just do damage and stay in teleport range. Watch for alert of spell reflection. When up, switch to wanding.

Ysondre. DPS, watch for sleepcloud and do RoF on druids that spawn at events.

Taerar. DPS and watch for sleepcloud. Follow MA on events.

Emeriss. Have plenty of shards and make sure all have a HS. Pop HS or pot at events, run in for Drain Life. Having VW DSd helps a ton, if DS specced. Do not die, or if you do, run off quickly. Even more important to watch for sleepcloud.

Lethon. Long fight. Use shadow wards as soon as not on CD. Even with a great tank you will eat some bolts. Use searing pain on shades at event. Cast time on bolt is too long, even with Bane.


Just DPS phase 1, as for others, make sure tank has ample aggro first. Phase 2; DoT, DoT and DoT. Keep up as many as you can, bolt in between. Don't let your health drop to far from LTing so that you can survive a deep breath (if you don't get out in time). Phase 3, back to nuking.

<font color=blue>NOTES</font color=blue>


Gates not open on my current server and no experience there yet. Will be added ASAP. In the meantime I have added comments regarding warlocks from those that have cleared/are progressing in these instances . Until further notice, keep in mind that it is only a summary of what I have found out from others, not own experience. Additional information much welcome.

Naxxramas. Our guild have only just started on Naxx. Comments will be added/changed (as well, I guess) as we progress and input from other raiding guilds is available. Specific comments are welcome. Again, input more then welcome.


Trash. Nothing specific for warlocks afaik.
Kurinnaxx. Have not found anything specific for warlocks. Act as ranged DPS/Casters.
General Rajaxx. For each wave, chain fear your selected target.
Moam. Three warlocks preferred. Drain mana to keep Moam from doing Arcane explosion. Three elementals spawn after 90 sec, banish each for rest of fight. Kill one after another when Moam dead, just as Garr.
Buru the Gorger. Have not found anything specific for warlocks. Act as ranged DPS/Casters.
Ayamiss the Hunter. Might have to ‘tank’ in phase 1 if very high on dmg charts, requires very good NR gear.
Ossirian the Unscarred. DoTs very important for DPSing him down.


Trash. Tackle the Anubisath Defenders and Sentinales Shadow Storm with Shadow Ward. For Obsidian Eradicators warlocks should Drain Mana.
The Prophet Skeram. Make sure to put SS on tanks. CoT might help delay arcane explosions a tad. Overall, watch so don't get aggro to avoid Earthshock.
Vem, Yauj, and Kri. Nothing warlock specific afaik.
Battleguard Sartura. Since each whirlwind clears aggro, avoiding DoTs help (CoD should be fine). Otherwise, DPS and avoid whirlwinds like others.
Fankriss the Unyielding. Nothing warlock specific afaik.
Viscidus. Get a wand with frost damage for this fight.
Princess Huhuran. Nothing warlock specific afaik. CoD might help burn her down to 30% faster. Time it well though.
The Twin Emperors: Vek'lor &amp; Vek'nilash. An option is a warlock on each (MD build and with felpuppy out), apart from a warrior, as tank. High SR (200-300) and high STA gear needed for tanking warlock. Use shadow ward (marginal help?).
Ouro the Sandworm. Nothing warlock specific afaik.
C'Thun. Nothing warlock specific afaik.

Due to the big variations regarding trash mobs those are mentioned under each wing.

Spider Wing

Trash mobs. Few things to consider, at least regarding first few mobs. As for mages, AoE on infectious scitterers can be scary stuff. Healer love is nice.
Anub'Rekhan. One or two imps likely to be used for MT. If one, have to be moved between positions (thus easier if two). DoT Anub so damage ticks away while killing adds. Depending on set-up CoD can be a good option. So far we are using CoR and CoE (hunters doing damage whole time + mages can often sustain damage for long). Other warlocks use CoD before CoS. Otherwise, help with AoE on scarabs and just do the DPS-thingy.
Grand Widow Faerlina. Apart from giving imp to tanks main job is nuking. Not certain if helps (resist is a bit of a question) but we use CoS on worshippers to help mindcontrol More input if makes a difference needed. Overall - unleash hell on her while the clock ticks towards wipe-hour (if too measly DPS, that is).
Maexxna. Apart from helping mages AoE spiders that spawn (Hellfire is a risk as staying at high (max) health is needed) it is mainly DPS on the big spider that is on the agenda. Get DoTs ticking while webbed (use mod to time it). Warlock task can also include taking out webb glueing people to the wall. If so, try to DoT up Maexxna to help DPS. Seems like she gets a huge AP boost from CoR. Until certain if so or not I would suggest avoiding it.

Abomination Wing

Patchwerk. Just DPS and make absolutely sure to not curse/DoT/DD too early.
Grobbulus. DPS
Gluth. DPS
Thaddius (Feugen &amp; Stalagg). XXX

Plague Wing

Noth The Plaguebringer. DPS on assigned targets (Noth and/or adds). As his blink is an aggro clear avoiding DoTs (except CoD) can help.
Heigan the Unclean. XXX
Loatheb. DPS

Deathknight Wing

Instructor Razuvious. DPS Razuvious. Get out of LOS before shout like other casters. For warlocks (as for mages/hunters) this is a very straightforward fight. Some references have been made to assigning each add a warlock to do CoS. Afaik resist is zero on these already, meaning that CoS does not help priests MC. Any different information welcome.
Gothik the Harvester. DPS
The Four Horsemen: Highlord Mograine; Thane Korthazz; Lady Blaumeux; Sir Zeliek. XXX

Frostwyrm Lair

Sapphiron. XXX

Kel'Thuzad’s Chamber

Kel'Thuzad. XXX