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City ordinances or rulesets


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I am not a governor, nor do i wish to condemn them (laughing). But i believe like any city or township our cities need to have an order before a cause or adventure. *so this is addressed not only to those mayors out there but to the throne itself*

Firstly we need to have in shard webpage for each governed town. This can be added to the em's webpage which is already there.

Then we need a map of each town with labels as to its buildings.

and heres my list:

1) Definition of the cities boundaries (sextant coordinates) as surveyed by the city surveyors.
2) A brief description of the cities name, its history (past & present) of its citizens & uses to the kingdom.
3) Location of important landmarks in the city or nearby that support visitation. (moongates, parks, ect)
4) Number of npc guards or other officials that provide protection, services & duties to the city. (and those typed commands. (example: --guards-- --bank-- , ect.)
5) Current governing party & those appointed. (basically a break down of the donations needed to gain title in a city and how to gain it)
6) Skills that are trained in that city.. or traders/merchants that provide resources within your city.
7) And your cities alliances with other cities, classes or providing guilds.

With this information.. i believe it would be easier for em's and mayors to formulate and build city adventures/quests for its citizens and the shard.

(like if your city had a park.. the em's might build a story around how your park is out of ordinance and needs cleaned up.. spawning trash around it for a month and applying the cleanup to city gold.)

(or a ordinance infraction that the city has missing guards or a merchant that need to be found with a storyline)

(a pet infraction?) (boundary marker?) This would just add a city framework to aid all.

I hope i didn't offend anyone but it was a thought i had.

love ya's,

p.s. i'm sure this only touches the surface but i didn't want to outline something that would drag down the ems/mayors with technicalities in their office.. but something sort of like an assignment that Lord Blackthorn can request a task of their mayors and slowly accomplish and build on.


Stratics Veteran
The post of the Book Keeper of Moonglow is still vacant on Drachenfels.

We are having a meeting next saturday where we are advertizing the post of the First Ranger of Moonglow, as stated here: http://uob.zarum.de/forum/showthread.php?t=136978
That would be a great opportunity to present yourself to the citizens of Moonglow.


Nicnivin, Queen of the Unseelie Court, Governor of Moonglow (DF)

PS: The post starts in german, but is provided in english as well, just scroll down a bit. Time is 8pm CEST (which is GMT+2).
PPS: You expressed an ambitious aim. We still struggle with more basic goals. Like, for example, even means for communication with our citizens are .. lacking.


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Most shards that role play a High Council or other player run Governing body separate from the Royal Council have a Charter or Constitution in place, definitions of cities, laws etc. On Great Lakes you can find much of this information at www.gl.uorpc.net Each city has it's own forum board. We begin our sea surveying of water boundaries tomorrow 6.23.14. I would bet this information is out there in some form if you know who to ask and where to look.


Stratics Veteran
To the OP: Posts like that get you hired by Governors who are trying to get Town Councils started. This is a good thing.
On Great Lakes the Governor of Moonglow is trying to get a Town Council started. (Me.) Want a job?

A number of Governors have requested the ability to lock down informational books (histories, contact information, town descriptions) in the Governor's Offices, but so far we've been denied. I think it would go a long way to be able to add shard histories to the Governor's Offices -- especially histories of the cities. On Great Lakes we have a lot of that information at www.gl.uorpc.net, but getting people to go to web sites is difficult at best as well as being game immersion-breaking. A lot of players on various shards have private book collections that comprise most of the histories of the shard but it can be difficult to get ahold of those players sometimes if their buildings aren't public. On Siege Perilous, the public Tower of Wispwood has an extensive library of the early history of Siege Perilous and the last few Seer events, and on Great Lakes the public Hall of Virtue in Newcastle has a wonderful library full of player written history and in character newspapers.

The player of Silrien Aegnor, Governor of Moonglow, Great Lakes(Formerly Alista Laleyan, governor of Jhelom Great Lakes)


Stratics Veteran
A lot of players on various shards have private book collections that comprise most of the histories of the shard ...
I really like it if history and announcements are present in-game. The best thing I could think of is if I would never have to resort to e-mail, forums, websites, or whatever external tools there are to get the information I need. There are already so many sources - some shard specific forum, web sites of some people of the RP community, guild web sites, several different stratics forums, EM websites, the official UO website, probably twitter, facebook, reddit, youtube, twitch, and whatever else is next in line of the must-have social or media networks. I like it in-game, since I don't have the time or focus to regularly browse all sources.