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Choosing points for a Cu slot 3 to 4. 1st points allocation


One more question (I think), how do you know how far you are progressing from 4=>5? I do not see a progress bar anywhere.

Thanks, once again.


Taking the Cu to Yamato mines to train off of a Shadow Elemental will give you a few things, GM Wrestle to unlock Parry (and GM Tactics). You'll probably GM Meditation and Focus along the way. This will give you your 125 dex and stamina, so you can level with a few extra points to spare.

If you're going to "power game", it's not that much more to do this before going to Crazy Mage.

If you want to level your Cu the first day it bonds, do Crazy Mage and Allosaur near the Sakura Village. If Allosaur is owning your Cu too much, just wait a couple of hours for the Crazy Mage to respawn and you can still level same day.

It's a good overall guide. One thing I personally I do different. I increase base damage first thing every time I level (Unless I'm making a necromare (L3-4)). I just like that habit and it doesn't cost any extra points. It's to avoid the heartbreak of ruining a pet by forgetting.
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There are unbound vortexes just near crazed mage. Same big gains. They deal only energy damage (and some bleed too) so they are good for Cu and especially for Triton. 2 slot freshly popped Triton can tank UEV with minimum healing. And allows you to train your fresh bonded 3 slot Cu. Or other pets weak in energy. Even beetles.
If some Sampire farming UEV - kindly ask to join. And bring all your pets to level while he/she is there .

Miss Twilight Eyes

Stratics Veteran
Yes as soon as you add anything the Cu becomes 4 slots. The Planner is useless, follow the step by step guide.
Ok, total pet training noob. I followed your step by step instructions for the first round. Now how do I get points for the second round? Do I need to reset the 100% pet training progress back to 0%?

edit: found the pet training gate on test center and did just that; reset training percentage to zero and then went through the gate to 100% again and now have points to allocate. yayz. (I had 1 point left, haha. I went back to my shard and used that one point and THEN it reset so I had to start pet training again. Face Palm Head Desk.)
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