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<Chocobo> is Recruiting (Badlands server -ORDER)



A Hardcore Organized PvP Guild

About us
Chocobo is a group of talented, respectable, mature, fun players. We are here to smash faces and be a pivotal force in scenarios and open RvR. We are known both on the Order and Destruction side to be successful in PvP. Order knows that when Chocobo premade is about that they'll most likely win and Destro knows that they'll have a very good challenge ahead of them.

Some testimonies can be found in this thread Best Order Guilds.
Nost said:
Chocobo seems like one of the stronger Order Guilds. I have always seen their members playing well in both Scenarios and Open RvR. They know what they are doing.
snewt said:
Chocobo and Beast are the best guilds on the server, hands down.
Bugga said:
TBH, I would have to say Chocobo is the only guild I can put on the 'best' category as they do the walking and stfu on the forums. There's only like 2 people that talk for Chocobo and even then, they steer from most degrading remarks. If I was Order, I'd join Chocobo and never post on the forums again.
Chocobo is a tight-knit guild that like to know all of our members. We like to know what each member is capable of, and what we can expect of each and every one of them. Secondly, through our PvP MMO experience, we believe the most effective way to be successful in PvP/RvR is to be organized. It's hard to organize your guild if you have 400 members. Since we are close and know each other well, we have tons of fun just goofing off in vent. None would be the wiser though since we still exercise precision in the battlefield at the same time.

We are currently the highest ranked Order guild. This does not mean anything other than we are active, effective and efficient in everything that we do to get a lot of guild xp.

Chocobo Play Times
The majority of us play during the times of 6pmEST to 2amEST. We do have people from all timezones in the guild, so there are always people in Ventrilo and Online.

Guild Event Nights
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday ~6pm PST start time.

We have very high standards on who becomes full fledged Chocobo members. The recruitment phase is preceded by the application stage. For those that pass the application stage of the process, you will be invited into the guild as a recruit. This is a probation period for you to display your knowledge of your class, team PvP fundamentals/mechanics/positioning, opposing characters, and most importantly, your attitude/personality. We prefer this method so that we can start getting to know you better faster and that you already feel a part of the family. Also, you get to have the perks of the guild and also quickly see who are on to group up with. When we determine that you fit, you will then become a full fledged member.

Some of the qualities we are looking for are:
1. Loves to PvP. Just enjoys the fact that they are doing PvP. The people that don't need loot and/or RPs to PvP. They value fame and prestige more than getting that next bling bling when PvPing. We are looking for people that see loot and RPs just icing on the RvR cake. We have nothing against gear and RPs, in fact, we enjoy them. It is just a matter of mindset and priorities.

2. Having the initiative to gather up guildies and get something done. Might it be running scenario groups, ORvR, PvE instances.

3. To be able to contribute and perform with a 6man group mentality. To know the strengths and weaknesses of the group make up that you are in. To know what you are providing the group and not just what numbers are reflected on the scenario chart (for example crowd control (CC)). How does your class compliment the group, etc? Pretty much looking at things as a whole.

4. To be flexible with their class so they can respec to whatever the guild needs are. For example, going from PvE tank to an RvR tank or DoT BW to DD BW, etc.

5. Can take constructive criticisms. We are always learning and growing as players in this game. If we strive to be the best, feedback is necessary so that we know what we can improve on.

6. Respectable people that don't go mouthing off in the forums or in game (except for friendly jabs. What is competition without friendly banter?). We show what we can do on the battlefield, not on the forums.

7. Fun person that is not scared to talk on vent. Being in vent is highly highly encouraged. By being in vent you will get to know the crew and be part of the guild. The guild will feel full of life to you and get to enjoy each member's quirks. Obviously if you are doing things with members, then vent is required.

If you think you have these qualities and want to be a part of this amazing group, follow the link below.

Contact Barkam in game if you have any questions. You can also post here and/or PM me.

We look forward to playing with you!