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Character Introductions


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Introduce your characters or remind us of existing characters that you play.

Please include character name and brief history of your character. You can add pictures as well.


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Name: Esca Flowne
Race: Human
Age: 57
Description: 6ft 2 with piercing green eyes and long black hair. Regular build and covered in scars from his years of battle; the most notable being a C carved into his chest. Also missing one of his little fingers. A bear lives on his head.

Young Years
Born and Raised in Delucia, his father was the owner of the stables there and his mother was a savage from the northern savage camps. A somewhat taboo relationship, Escaflowne can always be seen wearing his famous bearmask which is a family hierloom from his mothers side of the family. Esca spent his young years training to be a bearmaster like his father and once he turnt 18, he went into the Delucia passage and tamed his pack of most loyal companions; his hellcats. After this waypoint in his life he felt it was time to move on to the newly connected lands of Britannia.

Early Years
After a few years of travelling and studying the various beasts of the realm; Esca found himself settling in Vesper. He had heard about the conflict between the Kingdom and Vesper fighting for its freedom. After living free in Delucia he felt this was a calling for him. He joined the Vesper militia and trained under his mentor the great Vesparian Knight Kaelith; joining his Vesper faction the White Sashes. Esca spent the following years fighting many conflicts and rising through the Vesparian ranks until taking a position in Vesper Command.

Middle Years
Now older and wiser, with the respect of his fellow Vesparians; Escaflowne eventually took command of the Vesper Militia. For many years Esca lead Vesper's armies into battle and upheld the law within the free Republic. Strung out from years of hard battle, Esca decided to take a break from the frontline and he ran in the election to become Chancellor of the Vesper Republic in which he won; becoming the political leader of Vesper. He handed off the command of the Army to Hanse Davion, Damien Bedford and Balgus Bloodmore. Esca ruled respectfully for a term which when that came to it's end, deciding to take another political position of Envoy of Vesper.
After years in the army of Vesper and politics of the Republic, he decided to go on a long break and set out on his travels once more.

Later Years
When Escaflowne returned to the lands, he saw that Vesper's freedom was safe and its leadership in good hands. Esca decided to create the Hand of Chaos, setting up shop around the Chaos Shrine. This was a brotherhood of Chaos Knights dedicated to spreading the teachings and principles of Chaos throughout the lands. They brought freedom to many in all corners of the lands during their time, then after a year packed up and moved onto further lands.
Once King Blackthorn returned and took leadership of Britannia, Escaflowne and the Hand of Chaos returned to the lands and swore loyalty to him. For a long time he carried out the bidding of the King with the Hand of Chaos, even acting as the King's personal guard on numerous occasions.
Escaflowne's service eventually came to an end when he decided it was time to take a well earned retirement and live the quiet life, he moved back to Delucia to live the remainder of his days out in peace.

Current Years
After a good few years in retirement, Escaflowne travelled back to visit Vesper and catch up with his old friends. It was during this visit that Anna Goodward the Empress of Vesper talked him into coming out of retirement and reforming an army for Vesper. Esca created the Vesper Redguard and now serves Vesper once more at the helm of the Redguard.

Raiden BoC

Name: Raiden Morana
Race: Human
Hair: Black, now streaked with grey. Tied neatly in a ponytail with a bowstring.
Eyes: Greyish blue.
Age: Late 40's.
Height: A little under six feet tall.
Weight: Around 14st (195lbs approx).
Birthplace: The Covian Shire



Raiden stands a little under six feet tall and is heavily built. He has huge shoulders, muscular arms and chest and powerful thighs honed by years of rigorous training whilst serving in Cove's elite unit, the Grenadiers. A regimen he continues to this day.

He has steely blue eyes and his right cheek boasts an angry jagged scar. His nose, although not quite flattened, has obviously been broken and he also sports another smaller scar running through his left eyebrow. His hair is always tied neatly in a ponytail using a bowstring as a mark of respect for his fallen comrade and best friend, Grenadier Sergeant Vince Valentine.

His forearms are crisscrossed with old scars and his torso also bears the marks of many a battle, including a puncture wound to his left shoulder. On Raiden's upper right arm are two brands. The letter 'A' and also a small wolf's head.

Raiden Morana, Captain. As pictured today.



Raiden was born and raised in the Shire by a dour woodsman and his wife who showed him little affection. He ran away from home in his early teens to seek fame and fortune in Britain. However he was soon to find that the capital's streets were not paved with gold and Raiden had to learn every dirty trick in the book in order to survive life in the gutter-gangs.

Barely two years after leaving Cove, Raiden returned to the Shire to find his parent's home long since burnt out and derilict. Rumours told of Vesperian raiding parties and Kaldorian's burning out homesteads during their retreat. Or perhaps roaming orcish war bands but Raiden didn't really care for which.

Raiden stumbled upon a Covian Militia patrol in the Covetous mountains and was soon enrolled within it's ranks. Not motivated by a need to avenge his parent's demise but out of the simple need for three warm meals a day, a roof over his head and a little coin in his purse.


Life As A Guardsman:

*A weather worn painting depicts Guardsman Recruit Morana (spattered in blood),
as he helps defend the Swaggers Inn against the Kaldorian onslaught.*
Other Covians pictured: Grenadier Sergeant Al Makhtoum, Corporal Niharel,
Hardened Guardsman Gry & Junior Guardsman Arkay.

Serving in the Kaldorian Line, Minoc and Vesper campaigns, Raiden made steady progress as a guardsman and soon made it his ambition to join Cove's elite, the Baron's Own Grenadiers and follow in the footsteps of his two early mentors, Ahmed Al Maktoum and Erik Arkay.

When many of his comrades and beloved Baron left for Yew, Raiden chose to remain in Cove and stay loyal to his duty to protect the Shire's townsfolk. Under the guidance of Arkay and Commander Gregor Eason, Raiden continued his rise through the ranks and helped rebuild what was left of the fractured Baronship.

The next few years would be turbulent ones for Raiden. The Baron returned from Yew but his joy at this was tempered by the Grenadiers becoming an archer only unit. Raiden became the first guardsman to sign up for the Glenmore Highlanders where he served with some distinction in the conflicts against Yew. The Highlanders however would be short lived and the Grenadier's returned to being a mixed unit. Raiden shaved off his beard and trimmed his unkempt hair, tying it into the familiar ponytail he sports to this day.


The Baron's Own:

It wasn't too long before Raiden joined his best friend Vince Valentine in Grenadier command and under their guidance the squad enjoyed it's hay day, smashing the Yewish out of Minoc and then Vesper and also building up much of the reputation the unit enjoys today with deeds of heroism and unwavering loyalty to their baron, not to mention swooning many a fair lass along the way!

Grenadier Sergeant Valentine (centre) & Grenadier Corporal Morana (right of centre) on parade.

Just like their predecessors however, disaster or what some might call the "Grenadier Curse" would befall the two friends. Not long after Sergeant Valentine was wed to his sweetheart, Kelly Sanderson he would undertake a dangerous solo mission, on the Baron's orders.

When Valentine failed to make contact at the designated time Raiden, now Grenadier Corporal led a search party to rescue his friend from whatever had befallen him. Alas the mission was in vain as all that could be found were Valentine's charred remains. Returning to Cove, Raiden shouldered the unenviable duty of informing Kelly that her husband was lost and to return the fallen Grenadier's wedding ring which he had recovered at the scene. To this day, Raiden ties his ponytail with a bowstring as a mark of respect to his dead friend.

Raiden struggled to come to terms with the loss of his friend but he battled on alone guiding his Grenadiers, being promoted to Sergeant in the process. These were relatively peaceful times for Cove which didn't really sit well with Raiden. Warriors need to be kept busy. The Baron decided to sojourn in the colonies taking with him Shadwell and leaving Raiden, now a newly gazetted Captain in charge of Covian affairs.


Life As An Officer:

This was a heavy burden for even Raiden's broad shoulders. He was a warrior not a politician. Most of his friends were slain or absent and his marriage to Flina was failing. He had always enjoyed the comradeship he had shared in the ranks but now, as an officer, he felt very much alone. The homeland he loved too was in decline and it was only his desire to see it prosper once more that kept him focused on his duty.

With the help of the army's new leadership consisting of Hoagie, Kelly Sanderson, Torrak Keres and Graem Carcer, Cove steadily grew once more. An alliance with Vesper and bustling trade with Trinsic meant that once again the Baronship was thriving. Octiovus' visits became more frequent and many Covian veterans returned to take part in the town's Freedom Festival to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the orcish occupation of Cove. The festival saw Raiden promoted to Commander.

A proud moment and huge honour to follow in the footsteps of the famed Erik Arkay and Gregor Eason... Not only had Raiden become the first Guardsman to advance from Recruit to Senior Guardsman, he had now progressed from Corporal to Commander.

*A weather worn portrait depicts Raiden's promotion to Commander at the 4th Freedom Festival in Cove.

However things would take a turn for the worse. Blighted crops and alleged mismangement by the treasury meant that Cove could no longer afford to pay the army's wages. Guardsmen deserted, citizens fled in search of more fertile pastures and the newly installed Commander had to make the hardest decision of his life.


The Company:

Cove's militia, long since transformed into a professional army under the leadership of Gregor Eason, would become a mercenary company, in an attempt to replenish Cove's empty coffers and breathe life back into the Baronship.

Under Raiden's leadership The Company saw many new recruits and returning faces and it carved out a reputation for bravery and ruthless efficiency during the Vesper Civil War in particular. Commissions for these darkly clad warriors came thick and fast and soon there would be a new dawn in Cove.

*A faded drawing depicts one of The Company's many triumphs during the Vesper Civil War.*


The Baron's Return:

With the Company's ranks swelling, the return of the Baron to Cove and the coffers once again full, The Company was dissolved and the Covian army reinstated and pressed into immediate action during the War Of The Great Combine.

This would be Raiden's last major conflict leading Covian forces. Life as Commander, especially the foppish politics of Sosaria, was finally taking it's toll. Even the support of his trusted comrades in command and the love of his second wife, Railen and their new born babe, Ryan, couldn't halt his increasing depression.

After numerous attempts on his life and the lives of his wife and child, Raiden resigned his commission, returning his Commander's sash and Grenadier's garb personally to the Baron. However, his resignation was only accepted by Baron Octiovus under the condition that Raiden remained part of the Covian army, as an Exploring Officer.


Exploring Officer.:

Charged with wandering the lands, collecting information on allies and enemies both, Raiden would take himself out of the forefront of Sosaria's politics and his family out of harm's way. But only at the cost of being absent from their lives.

Another hard bargain for the weary veteran...



Raiden can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Having spent more than half his life in the army, much of it serving in the elite Grenadiers he knows every dirty and malingering trick in the book and does not suffer fools easily. Fiercely loyal to his friends, family and homeland, Raiden has suffered much heartache through his life and finds it hard to forge close friendships. In fact, he can count his friends that are not absent or dead on the fingers of one hand.



Raiden's closest friends are his wife, Railen Morana, Captain Grayner, Kelly Sanderson, Eve Thenasa, John Dell, Vince Valentine and Aliryl Trefynwyd. He came through the ranks with the Hoagie, Vince, Kelly and Dell. Eve was his first love and surprisingly he has forged close bonds with the elven Scout Aliryl. Raiden also has the utmost respect for the former Commanders Gregor Eason and Erik Arkay.

*A faded, tear stained sketch of the wedding of Railen & Raiden Morana.*

Raiden has had many relationships, affairs, flings and a failed marriage in his past and he holds many women dear but the bond he shared with his wife is stronger than any other in his life. Having Railen to go home to at the end of each day made the burden of leadership easier to bear and although he has loved deeply in the past, notably Eve and his secret relationship with a Waywatcher, nothing compares to the love he has for his wife and their child, Ryan.


Career Landmarks:

First Guardsman to complete the entire army ranking structure, Guardsman Recruit through to Senior Guardsman and then the entire Command structure from Corporal to Commander.
Awarded the Baronship's most acclaimed accolade, the Covian Seal, twice, along with the Richter Crest, Baron's Cross and Rage Of Raaz.



Kaldorian Line Campaign
First Minoc Campaign
Vesper Campaign
Yew Campaign
Second Minoc Campaign
Border Wars Campaign
Vesper Civil War Campaign
The War Of The Great Combine