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Caledon University



Not so much a guide but a location i would recommend to all newbies to SL. The Caledon University. Now, I wont be going into the whole of Caledon here. To be blunt Caledon is huge, it would take a week to explore this region, but the university itself, maybe half an hour to an hour if you were a quick learner. A map of Caledon follows with the university circled. Caledon has been around scince the dawn of time itself and the university shows this. Its well laid out so you follow arrows past tutorial boards, each with a tibbit of info on that tells you how to do something. Sometimes theres exercises to practice with. Theres also a stack of free avatars in the 'dressing yourself' section you can take and use.

Here is a rough run through of what each section has in it.

Main Hall

Welcome to Caledon - An introduction to this steampunk filled sim.
The Sidebar - A description of each of the icons down the side of your screen
The right click - Interacting with the world around you and all the right click menus

College of Motion

Avatar movements - Walking, Running, Flying
World Map - Finding places and teleporting
Landmarks - How to mark places you have been to and return to them later on

College of Camera Control

Controlling hat you see, by either mouse look, viewing on the fly, and screen and mouse controls for the camera.

College of Communication

Chat - Text Chat and instant messages explained
Friends List - How to add people you meet to your friends list for meeting later
Voice chat - Both setting up and talking on voice chat
Etiquette - God don't you wish someone educated people on etiquette in every MMO.... :)

The college of communication has a couple of suspicious looking dodos. Both are used in an activity related to chat.

College of Finding Things

This area covers finding things in your inventory and finding locations in game. It also covers using a destination guide. Something new and old players use to find the best places in SL to go.

College of Avatar Customization

This area covers costume changes, shape changes, attachments and thankfully a selection of free avatars. Pick them up while you can as once you go over 30 days you'll have to pay for these ones.

College of Commerce

This area does of course cover buying and selling Lindens. Bear in mind in Second Life you can cash money in and out of the world. A large part of Second Life is you can if you wish start your own business and make real life money with it. I shall follow that with the land of the obvious comment, making money in Second Life takes either a lot of talent or a lot of dedication, and as with real life, theres never any guarantees you will be successful. But that just makes it fun right? :D

The final wall

A few locations for you to click on and explore, a list of lessons to visit and the times they are on.

From here, I would recommend exploring Caledon or checking some of the sims they recommend. Caledon is a fantastic and impressive region with everything from airships to fly to trams to ride , one of my fave hangouts there is the Blue Mermaid, a vintage club with dancing demons. A cracking good place.

We didnt even cover whats in the red square on this map. Thats a whole lot of Caledon.

To visit Caledon, start Second Life and click this link.

SLurl: Location-Based Linking in Second Life


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Another excellent guide. Thanks, Naiki! :)