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[CA News] Limited Nexon Offer—Spring Nx Bonus Sale!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
Between April 30 and May 15, Nexon has placed an offer on their site that is good for up to a 20 percent increase in Nx purchased during the timeframe.
The rates of bonus Nx are as follows:

-If you buy $10.00 or more of Nx, then you will receive 10 percent extra.
-If you buy $25.00 or more of Nx, then you will receive 15 percent extra.
-If you buy $50.00 or more of Nx, then you will receive 20 percent extra.

This is a limited time event and may only be available for certain Nx purchase types, this information has not been posted as of yet. If you are interested in this deal, check to see if your payment style is included and take advantage of this offer!
On a final note, all Nx received from this deal must be spent NO LATER THAN May 31. It may be indistinguishable as of what Nx is bonus in your account so if you do partake, it would be beneficial to use the amount you purchase before the May 31 suspense date.
Further information can be found by visiting the Nexon “Get Nx” page on their website at http://www.nexon.net/nx/purchase-nx/#
Happy gaming.

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