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[Buying] Buying some items..


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As much as I like doing vendor search daily (haha) I am looking for few items to complete armor suits and collections so hopefully this hits the mark. If you have these and are looking to sell on Atlantic or any shard really, let me know. You can pm me here or ICQ 302-081-921


[Exceptional] "Made By" Armor & Weapons & "Sewn By" pieces - interested in seeing what you have. I always am buying pieces and sets.

Also Looking for [Exceptional] Heater Shields with No Name, prefer Iron and Shadow Iron

Full Name and "Of Exceptional Quality" (OEQ) Double Exceptional - Armor, Weapons and Clothing - Interested in a lot of pieces so show me what you have

Armor of the KOTL - Ring Tunic, Studded Arms, Chain Coif, Katana

Armor of Doom - Plate Legs, Broadsword, Longsword, Scimitar, Viking Sword,Tear Kite Shield

Enchanted Origin Armor - Katana, Scimitar, Broadsword

6th Anniversary Bells
White Color Only (Hue ID 1150 - Luna White) - Aardvark, Abaddon, Aeryn, BIGtiny, Byron, Cytherea, Ender, Evocare, Fertbert, Greenman, Helios, Jex, Layn, Sannio, Sunsword, Vex, Z

I'm a collector and am looking to buy these items for my personal collection. Not for resell. Thanks for reading!
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