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[Buying] Buying List - EM items, Wearables, etc


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Currently looking for the following:

EM Items

1591826178724.png Boots Crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm)

or Thigh Boots Crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm)

1591826275807.png Gloves Crafted by Pirate Outfit Suppliers (tm)

1593740371630.png Burnt Xmas Apron (Chesapeake 2010)


Always looking for [Exceptional], Sewn, (blessed) or of exceptional quality items

Always looking for Lord or Lady heads, lockable preferred

Of the KOTL Pieces - Ring Tunic, Studded Arms, Katana

6th Anniversary Bells - White Color Only (Hue ID 1150 - Luna White) - Aardvark, Aeryn, BIGtiny, Byron, Cytherea, Ender, Evocare, Fertbert, Helios, Jex, Layn, Z



1591826378401.png Display Case Center x1

1591826435992.png Display Case Right x2

1591826478952.png Display Case Left x2

1591826522108.png Blood Square x1

1591826552529.png Blood Bottom Left Corner x1

1593740427146.png Large Crate

6th Anniversary Bell - White Color Only (Hue ID 1150 - Luna White) - Abaddon, Greenman, Vex

Of The Kotl Pieces - Chain Coif

Member Of The Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild Sash

1593362998336.png A Modest Reward for the Defense of Skara Brae
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