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Atlantic Bulk Jukan/slayer bows (42)

Fusilli Zaitsev

Stratics Veteran
In building my jukan bow collection I've acquired some extras. Buyout is 22m, but I'd also like to get rid of them so I can work with other offers. Sale will be on Atlantic. Offer here or shoot me an ICQ 666967121.

Named bows
  • Summer Wind (x3)
  • Earth Shatter (x3)
  • Flame Dousing (x2)
  • Troll Slaughter (x2)
  • Elemental Health (x3)
  • Vacuum (x2)
  • Ogre Thrashing (x1)
  • Blood Drinking (x3)
  • Lizardman Slaughter (x2)
  • Snake's Bane (x1)
  • Ophidian Slaying (x1)
  • Daemon Dismissal (x1)
Unnamed bows (title is "a bow")
  • snake slayer (x2)
  • air elemental slayer (x2)
  • poison elemental slayer (x1)
  • spider slayer (x1)
  • snow elemental slayer (x1)
  • ogre slayer (x2)
  • fire elemental slayer (x2)
  • orc slayer (x1)
  • lizardman slayer (x1)
  • terathan slayer (x1)
  • snake slayer (x1)
  • gargoyle slayer (x1)
  • troll slayer (x1)
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Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Buyout. Pm me and we can discuss payment / pick up. Thanks!