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[BUG] Bugged Containers ?


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
This has been happening to me for a few weeks now. Sometimes (very often) when I open a container, it shows as either empty, or with just a few things. Interestingly, even the item count and weight seem off.

Also, often times, maybe 100%, when I scroll in a container down and then back up the scroll bar gets messed up and so does the grid. My backpack, will lose 1 or two rows from the grid. I close and re-open and it shows normal again, but then when I scroll again it will mess up again.

I have also seen then when I take things out of a container, a ghost image remains behind. Again, close and reopen fixes this, as does dropping something into the container.

Anyone else seen this?

More importantly, does anyone know a solution?

Lord Gandalf

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Yeah it happens very often... I also have some sort of an auto-scrolling up when i try to scroll down in grid view a couple containers. This bug is very common in bone containers.


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
More importantly, does anyone know a solution?
I have this problem also.

They way I fix it is to open up my character profile file (C:\Users\DJAd\Documents\EA Games\Ultima Online Stygian Abyss\User Data\XXXXX\Atlantic\)

Edit the char which has the problem and delete the lines that look like these:

			<WindowPositions name="CID1110300189" x="445.000000" y="11.000000" width="271.064819" height="659.033691" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1110297154" x="446.000000" y="10.000000" width="271.064819" height="664.063477" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1110300195" x="447.000000" y="11.000000" width="271.064819" height="661.046509" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1110297391" x="446.000000" y="11.000000" width="271.064819" height="659.034302" />
			<WindowPositions name="Gump464" x="804.000000" y="266.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1165317813" x="865.000000" y="86.000000" width="271.064819" height="612.762512" />
			<WindowPositions name="Gump999074" x="642.000000" y="143.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="Gump9157" x="755.000000" y="212.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="Gump9006" x="699.000000" y="227.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="Gump17000" x="759.000000" y="138.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1137708844" x="1236.000000" y="25.000000" width="271.064819" height="312.000000" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1096522262" x="506.000000" y="100.000000" width="271.064819" height="550.397217" />
			<WindowPositions name="CID1133602267" x="603.000000" y="199.000000" width="271.064819" height="312.000000" />
Save and reload the game.