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Classic Client Bug with Supernova and Greater Strength Potions


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This is a bug under classic client and using uoassist, i am not sure if posting this here can fix it since its mostly a uoassist bug but who knows :p

so the bug is it seems the supernova(faction potion) and greater strength potions have the same codes thus when using maccros for both of them on uoassist, sometimes it will use a supernova , sometimes a greater strength potion, its always random. Maybe if they could code those 2 potions differently it wouldnt happen, Misk lemme know more please, thanks :)
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UO QA Lead
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This is a bug under classic client and using uoassist
This is definitely a UO Assist issue and you would have to contact Tugsoft about any potential changes.

This is due to the fact that these two potions use the same tile art. Based on the information that you indicated I would think that the “Use Item Type” command in UO assist is simply checking for the base tile. You would get the same results if you had some greater strength potions and some standard strength potions; sometime a greater would be used and sometimes the standard would be used.

I would suggest using the Reset Item on your macro to point to the specific stack of Supernova potions OR strength potions, whichever one you are trying actually use. It is not the best solution and you will have to reset the macro when you start with a new stack of potions, however it should work for you.