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[Feedback] Bug fixes


UO Forum Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with the Dream Serpent not spawning in Ter Mur
  • HP, Stamina and Mana of duelist in the arena will be completely restored after the duel
  • The Christmas mats are now dyable with the standard dye tub, the furniture dye tub, natural dyes, tokuno dyes, and the clean up britiannia pigments. Please remember the square mat can only be dyed when in deed form.
  • Fixed the issue of the Christmas greeting card changing their from and to values
  • Fixed the issue of welcome mats blocking players from entering their homes with a single door.
  • When trading a pet the pet will now become frozen, an animal lore gump will be displayed and the pet has to be within 10 tiles of the owner.
  • Special Titles were added to the arena system.
  • Fixed the issue with how the garland hangs in the EC client
  • Siege should now have arena stones
  • Balanced will no longer be given to throwing weapons with the new loot generator
  • Removed the Fireworks wand form the clean up items accepted
  • Immolating Weapon fir damage will now apply to each weapon hit instead of killing blow.
  • 10th Anniversary sculpture can now be turned with the interior decorating tool.
  • Mannequins will no longer be ejected from a house when the house private/public settings are adjusted.
  • Green Thorns can no longer be used in champ spawn areas containing sand terrain.
  • Players are no longer able to enter a negative balance in Sacrifice
  • Fixed an issue with SA Goblins spawning in stuck locations
  • Fixed an issue with the Lava Proof Hook, it should now attach correctly to the pole.
  • Owners cannot eject co-owner placed Mannequins from a house.
  • Magic Reflect will no longer flag you for reflecting non damaging spells.
  • Spectators can no longer invite duel participants to a party.
  • Removed a rogue cobblestone tile from the middle of the ocean.
  • In chat players can now use the players ID number to submit a harassment appeal
  • The Blood Drinker property will now spawn on items that are spawned with the new loot generator.
  • You will no longer lose compassion if you fail to rez a pet.
  • Bolts of cloth will auto stack in your inventory upon creation.
  • Fixed the issue with Transferring/copying gargoyle characters losing racial flight ability.
  • Buff/debuff scripts will remove themselves properly when you stable/claim a chicken from their coop.
  • Players can no longer recall to their ships over loaded.
  • Spellbooks, runes, books etc will no longer be sent to the Cavern of Discarded when disposed of in a container.
  • You can now dye the following with Tokuno Dyes: Slither, Night Eyes, Venom, Cloak of life, Cloak of Death, Cloak of Power, and the Conjurer’s Garb.
  • The general hotbar will default to cursor target instead of current target
  • Changed out the barstools in the Fisherman’s Brew Inn/Tavern
  • Scrolls of Alacrity have localized text for the Japanese players.
  • Players can now cancel an appeal that has been submitted.
  • In the EC client the scissor sound effect was fixed
  • Players on Siege and Mugen will no longer have to wait for mobs to spawn after using the valor virtue.
  • Draconic Orbs and Rare Serpent Eggs will no longer become stuck on the appropriate alters
  • Gardeners can now open the plant gump when the plant is in secured containers.
  • Players can now dry dock their ships when the deck is cluttered with bones that do not decay.
  • The reward from the “The Honor of the De Boors” quest is now labeled correctly “The Goblet of Celebration”.
  • Faction Town Sigils should now provide silver to the correct thief when it is returned to the Faction Town Sigil Monlith.
  • Evil Omen will now work with melee damage
  • If your criminal warning gump is off it will no longer appear when using the CurrentTarget macro.
  • With the New Loot Generator, weaker mobs now have a chance of producing unusually powerful items, rarely
  • Luck now has more influence on the power of items created by the New Loot Generator
  • Slayer item properties will now spear with greater frequency on items created by the New Loot Generator
  • Unraveling items looted from medium-level creatures in Shame will more often produce relic fragments

Wizal the Fox

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
New Bug (I think):

Copying my human stealther to TC1 postpub74 results in his Cloak of Silence becoming permanently Elves-Only and dropping from his paperdoll.


UOEC Modder
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Players can now dry dock their ships when the deck is cluttered with bones that do not decay.
Why don't just make that everything left on the ship will go destroyed (with a query message) and let us to dry dock the ship in any case? :p