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Bruckmann Trading Co. [RP, EU, Burlok / Order]



The Phoenix Company

Chapter 1: Ashes

A dark autumn evening. Bruckmann Trading Company, Altdorf warehouse. Arturus Bruckmann's office.

Arturus Bruckmann was working through the night again. "None of the ships still have returned? How...?" The numbers on the parchment kept shrinking as his quill danced hurriedly across it. The company was under attack, there was no question of it now. His greyed brows scrunched into a painful frown. "Why?" He should have been thinking about the numbers, but he could not. He should be selling assets to pay for the cargo lost, but he could not. All he thought of was "Why? Who would do this to him? Who would end so many innocent--"

His thoughts were interrupted by an urgent knock on the door. "What is it?" he bellowed impatiently. Friedrich Bruckmann opened the door an slinked in cautiously. The boy was barely sixteen summers, but, unshaven and with black rings around his eyes, looked nigh a decade older. "Father....it is your nephew. I told him you didn't want to be disturbed, but..." The visitor's heavy steps thumped into the room. Raindrops glistened on the steel of his ceremonial armor, and atop his cleanly shaven scalp. A sudden realization sparked in the elder merchant's eyes, and his frustration gave way to fear. "B-Brother Frehiard....always an honor...." The warrior priest raised a hand to interrupt. "You will have to come with me, Uncle. Dress warmly, for tonight the skies weep." His stern, steady gaze turned to the boy as well, with a slight nod. "You too, Friedrich." Arturus raised his voice in a desperate objection, "No....not the boy..!" But he knew it would not help already as he spoke it.


An hour later the legs of Friedrich and Arturus Bruckman stopped their final dance and dangled limp in the rain and wind. The expression in Brother Frehiard's eyes remained stern as he looked on. This had to happen, he knew. The loss of the relic was unforgivable. He could have explained to them about the demands of the dwarfs, the power of the Artifact, the effort to bring it together and why he had started it....but in the end, it would have all been just for himself. The merchant and his son would still be hanging there. "It is up to you to make this right", spoke the daunting figure beside him. Brother Frehiard knew this all too well. He nodded slowly and replied, "I shall not fail, Arch Lector."


Back in the candle-lit office of his late uncle, Brother Frehiard immersed himself in the books and accounts. His uncle had not made a mistake in the handling of the relic, but to one who knew of it, the trail was clear. From the warehouse in the Everpeak, via the Black Fire Pass and Old Dwarf Road to Reikwald Forest, and from there to Altdorf, had been the plan, but somewhere along the way the caravan had been ambushed.... as had all caravans and ships that could have received cargo from that warehouse in the past two months. The company would not make payroll, and what was left of it's employees would scatter to the winds of war. But the company would stand, and on parchment it's caravans would travel and ships sail. Brother Frehiard had a plan.

* * * * *

But this only marks the beginning of the most mysterious story of the Bruckmann Trading Company. There have been strange rumors spreading through the streets of Altdorf. The caravans that operated back and forth to Dwarfholds in the World's Edge Mountains had been acting in peculiar manner lately, and the Dwarfs seemed unnaturally cautious, until the caravans were shut down alltogether.

The seafahrers claim to have seen a solitary High Elven scout ship sail the high seas between Ulthuan and The Old World, but that was considered to be more grog-fumed seamen's tavern talk than anything else.

And yet it seems that there have been strange things arising in this one warehouse, in the Altdorf Docks, that are none of the nature of one's usual everyday trading company. Two men now lifeless in the gallows. And the Warrior Priest taking over with plans of his own.

Can you solve the mystery?

* * * * *

Read chapters 2-4 of Bruckmann Trading Co. story, and much more here!

* * * * *

OOC Information

Bruckmann Trading Co.

Bruckmann Trading Co. is the CircleGuardians regiment playing on the Order side in Warhammer Online, Burlok (Core-RP) server, and thus representing the CircleGuardians community, and gaming and roleplaying values in Warhammer Online.

The regiment welcomes new members from all the races, Empire, Dwarfs and High Elves all alike, and we are actively seeking more people, who love quality roleplay, friendly company and helpful MMORPG players, and would wish to be part of such community, and to help build ever stronger presence in Warhammer, representing the above mentioned core values.

Within all the different ways to enjoy Warhammer Online, the focus of Bruckmann Trading Co. and CircleGuardians always is nice roleplaying, and roleplaying and being in character is always encouraged within all the different activities that the game provides. All the members of the regiment are required to roleplay and stay in character in /say and /shout and other similar chat channels, and if there is a need to discuss things OOC, it should be kept in private tells. We do also require all of our members to abide the Warhammer Online RP-server addendum.

Bruckmann Trading Co. has set several goals for the regiment, and it's members to enjoy the game in many different ways:

  • To have a living and interesting guild story to roleplay, much like PnP roleplay campaigns, with a storyline that evolves and reflects what people do in-game, and not just remain as a guild background story on the forums
  • To have lots of fun roleplaying, organising various roleplaying themed events and get involved in the Burlok roleplaying community
  • To achieve several goals in-game, both RvR and PvE too, and to put effort and dedication to enjoy the end-game content with our members as well
  • To build a thriving and succesful regiment, with mature and friendly members
  • To enjoy the game, roleplay, and have fun!

We are at this point recruiting, and building up the membership of our regiment, so that we can meet all the above mentioned goals.


Bruckmann Trading Co. in Warhammer Online is an official regiment of the CircleGuardians – The friends who enjoy quality role playing and gaming. The idea and the society of CircleGuardians was founded 2007.

CircleGuardians are all role players who enjoy experiencing games together – in a mature, friendly and optimistic way. We cherish not only role playing quality but put great valuation in a mature and optimistic personality. We want our atmosphere to be enjoyable and friendly – Not dull and dark. The CircleGuardians as a society keep united.

We form our own official CircleGuardian guilds in every MMORPG we aim to play – This aid us create, experience and share a quality role playing environment wherever we might be. Therefore – Being a member of CircleGuardians – you will always find a friendly environment with skilled role players and helpful gamers.

The CircleGuardians is a European community foremost but welcome any nationality to join our ranks as long as you share our core values; Are you one who longs to experience quality role playing? Are you one who puts effort into role playing? Are you one who enjoys experiencing the games you play? Are you a mature and optimistic person that cherishes a friendly environment with others? Are you one who enjoys laughing and sharing memories with likeminded?

If all those questions were answered with a “Yes” – then congratulations – CircleGuardians seem to be for you.

Looking forward to meet you online and who knows – perhaps as a CircleGuardian!


Bruckmann Trading Co. background story, and CircleGuardians gaming and roleplay philosophy

The CircleGuardians website

The application form to CircleGuardians (please read the RP and Gaming philosophy first)

Officers to contact in-game

Feel free to send the following officers a /tell or mail in-game, regarding more information about Bruckmann Trading Co. or the CircleGuardians, or talk about applying for the guild.

  • Frehiard
  • Suezann
  • Sunniva
  • Garekar

Also feel free to contact to just roleplay with any of Bruckmann Trading Co. members or join in any other in-game activity as well - and do not hesitate to join in any random roleplay with Bruckmann Trading Co. members if you happen to bump into us!

*Lots of hugglies* and see you in Warhammer!


As seen posted on various walls and bulletins lately in Altdorf:



We have received several wonderful new members in the past week or so, and will be continuing to recruit friendly and mature people, who enjoy good roleplaying as well! :D


We have been continuing succesfull recruitment efforts - and as of writing this we have two regular guild events per week (storyline roleplay events accompanied with PvE and RvR) .. and we will be recruiting in the future too, and seeking the European roleplayers on the Burlok server to join the story of the Bruckmann Trading company. *smile*