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[General] BOD/Bribery management fora returning player


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I'm an old player recently coming back to UO (after more than 3 years). This means that I'm in the strange situation of having a crafter GM miner legendary tailor/smith but without any money (250k is nothing now-days unfortunately) or tools.
my char is GM tinker and can provide it's own hammers, sewing kits and so on, so by "doesn't have any tools" I mean runic tools, ancient hammers, POF etc.
And of course 0 bods.

The main purpose of my crafter is to be able to provide for my fighting chars and of course to be self sufficient (hence GM tinker, carpenter, miner and lumberjack). I cheated a bit and used my tamer's money to buy some colored ores, but that's all.
I'm aware that without imbuing there is no way of crafting high end equipment, I'm raising it on another char (91 at the moment). Luckily it's possible to gain steadily just unraveling looted stuff.

I have been reading a lot regarding BODS, what is considered a keeper, what is junk, what should be bribed and so on, but I don't see it applying to my situation : what people consider junk is a treasure for me, even the lowest runic tool.

So I would like to have the opinion of more experienced people about the way I'm managing my Bods.

I have installed pico's UI so when I have a BOD it lists the reward and tells me if it can be part of the larger bod and then what would be the reward of that LBOD. It seems to be accurate please let me know if I can't just rely on it !

If a SBOD isn't part of any LBOD I always fill it and turn it back.
If the SBOD is part of an LBOD that reward isn't POF (90% at least), a 110 or higher powerscroll or a runic tool/ancient hammer I fill it and turn it back.
Any LBOD witch reward isn't POF (90% at least), a 110 or higher powerscroll or a runic tool/ancient hammer I consider junk.

110 and higher powerscrolls I don't consider junk reward because of the cleanup reward system, still I wonder if it's worth it when they come from an LBOD becauseof the many SBODS I'll have to use.
Turning those SBODS in individually could have given me a BOD with something better ... Depends on how many cleanup points the scrolls would give me I guess.

I don't bribe anything because I don't have the money but I could spare a couple millions from my tamer to do so. Should I consider bribing the BODS I consider junk at the moment ? I ketp those just in case, I have a lot of room in my bank and house at the moment so I can afford it :p

I post this here because I think that it could also apply to new players event if they don't have the vet char I have.
Except colored ores, all materials can be provided by another fighting char, some low level mobs even give colored hides.

So any opinion, advice or useful trick you can provide would be very welcome !



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Typically, I only bribe things I need to complete a high-end BOD. The way bribing works means you don't want to do more than a few bribes at a time, to keep costs in line, and the option to upgrade open. Perhaps no more than a half-dozen bribes a week. Note that one change in the last few years is that if you've not collected a BOD in the last 18 hours, you'll have THREE BODs you can claim (the system essentially has a 3-BOD queue set up, to allow players with shorter amounts of playtime to claim about as many BODs as someone playing off and on over 12 hours each day, or using illegal automation)

Pinco's is correct for the minimum reward. Starting at around Gold runics (smiths) and Horned runics (Tailor), there is a random chance for a bump in reward value. (probably done as a random 1-X points to each LBOD), where there's about a 20% chance of a BOD jumping 1-4 reward levels. While this is great for having a Tailor 120 LBOD give you a Barbed kit or an ASH +30 becoming a high-end hammer, it's not so great when it turns a runic into an ASH, or a horned kit into a 120 PS).

Some BODs I consider junk for their use of ingots in relation to other BODs. For example, 15-count normal shadow iron BODs, with their bottom-end runic hammer rewards aren't worth the expenditure of up to 375 shadow iron ingots, when those same ingots could be used for 1-2 EX smalls (10 or 15 count) that have a 90% POF chance. And, while the 15 count normal Shadow Iron Ringmail LBOD does give that 90% PoF chance, the ingots could be used for 4-7 Ex smalls each with a 90% chance.

The Tailor guide on the Stratics page has a reasonably up to date list on what gives colored hides, though some items might have gotten tweaked last publish.
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Thanks Basara I didn't know about the random bump, I'm not sure I really like it. Feels like playing Russian roulette :p

Anyway I know now that I can trust Pico for the normal reward I should get, that gives me a base to know what to keep, what to dump and what to bribe.

I'm on a shard that isn't very populated, it has a lot of drawbacks but in this case it's a huge benefit ! Most NPCs have a very low level of bribery and for the low level BODs (like bods that give a shovel or a pickaxe) I can bribe 2 or 3 levels with 0 gp just by changing NPC.
If I then go to more out of the way NPC's I can go even higher with less than 2000 gp.
I got a bronze runic in a similar fashion (don't remember the original reward). Of course maybe what I used (colored iron) was worth more than the runic, but as I mine it myself and don't have enough to sell and mostly don't have any runic tools (the bronze one is now my 10th and best) it doesn't seem such a bad deal to me...
I want to try some reforging soon and if I understand how it works the low level runics come in handy then, so it's not a waste of money/resources to try to get some, right ?

I'll go have a look at the tailor guide, I got some horned leather thanks to my fisher (sea serpents are good provides :p) but I need more, and some barbed also.

Thanks again for your help !