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Biology is Amazing, and sometimes CREEPY!


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
I was moving some old barnwood from a friend's truck to a storage area for later use in making some items, picture frames, etc. A little snail on a piece of wood caught my attention because it looked like it was glowing and flashing. My gut told me something wasn't right with it, what snail wants to attract attention, right?

So I google it and find this - "green-banded broodsac". Great, it's a zombie snail!

Warning, if you look it up on youtube.... nightmares I tell you! The thought that nature has this kind of thing is amazing.... but oohhhh so creepy. Bleh!

edit: we never touched it and decided the wood was better off as a bonfire. Icky ick. Oh, and if a bird ever poops on you... try not to let this bug you, lol.