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BH Flawless Change


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
A quick note since I'm about to head out for the day.

The reasoning behind the suggested change is that a flawless effect that can be controlled directly is more powerful than a randomly occurring one.

By controlling the proc effect you can use it at a point in time where you get the most out of it: If a target is almost down or when your cooldown are up on the ability you want to use with flawless. In essence it would be a tradeoff: From more raw damage to less damage inflicted at the time of your choice.

I'll read the feedback tomorrow and see what the general consensus is. If you prefer what's currently on live then I'll be happy to change it back. I can appreciate that the current proc system does result in a large amount of damage if you're normally proc-ing 5-6 times a minute (not to mention 5-6 times in a 25 second period as one poster suggested).

One option to make the set more viable without making flawless too powerful might be to add a basic 2% flawless effect directly into the buff. This would mean that all special attacks would reduce the targets defenses (parry, black, glancing and dodge) by 2%.

An alternative to the 2% flawless effect, I can decrease the cool down by 5 seconds to make it possible to use the ability 3 times a minute. However, beyond that I'm very hesitant to increase the power any further, I consider the ability to completely bypass the targets defenses a very powerful ability as it is.

Some posters suggested reducing the strength of the debuff and changing it to the old mechanics. Unfortunately the flawless bead debuff doesn't actually reduce the targets defenses by a percentage, it subtracts it. If a target have a 20% chance to dodge is hit with flawless, his chance would be reduced to 20-30 = -10% which would translate into 0% chance of dodging. So a 30% reduction would completely remove all defenses from most targets (take off 30% dodge, 30% parry, 30% glancing chance and 30% block chance from most targets and there'll be very little left). However if that was reduced to something that would seem reasonable against most targets, it wouldn't make a big difference against very high defense target. In essence the set would be strong against low defense targets and weak against high defense targets.

I'll read up on the feedback tomorrow morning. Please keep it civil, as said the option of sticking with what's on live is still there.