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Best PvP (Dueling) Template


Ah Beng

There isn't a single best pvp template, of course. Every template has its pros and cons.

Here's one such godlike template, posted by Nixon on UO Hall :


Speaking as someone who plays a chiv/healing/nox mage, it's virtually impossible for me to die 1vs1, unless I lag or make a huge error in judgement.

This has been overlooked. Chivarly used in conjuction with magery and the +skill items. There should be a cap somewhere along the line. Templates like mine are just wrong and pretty unbalanced.

[/ QUOTE ]

Interesting. So here's another template (above), other than mine own (confidential template), which makes us unkillable one-on-one. (Again, I must emphasize - I cannot die/lose one-on-one, I *draw* with all good/great pvpers. I do *not* claim to be able to 'defeat everyone'. No one can defeat everyone else (disclaimer : dismount tamers are not considered a fair dueling 1-on-1 template). If there's any non-tamer who claims to be able to kill everyone one-on-one, I'll pvp with him and guarantee a draw as the outcome, using a 30 min time limit rule.)

Back to Nixon's chivalry/healing/nox mage template. Yes I've fought chiv healers and chiv mages before. They're difficult to kill. So a chiv healing mage, yep, quite impossible to kill 1-on-1. If you're looking to make a never-die-again-in-duels pvp dueling char, Nixon's chiv-healing-mage template is definitely worth considering.

Any idea how many points to put into each skill for such a template?

Chivalry ???
Healing ???
Anatomy ???
Magery ???
Poisoning ???
Evaluate Intelligence ???
Meditation ???
Wrestling ??? (with Eval and Anatomy, perhaps Nixon doesn't use Wrestling)
Resist Spells ???

Nixon did state that his "it's not right that my godlike pvp template can possibly exist! bloody hell nerf me already!!!" godlike cheat template uses a lot of skill-bonus items. Still, it looks awfully cramped to me. I wonder how Nixon pulls off this template...

Nixon's post on this thread :

Ah Beng

Couple of interesting posts on the same UO Hall thread :



Tic spread
Layer Dmg


*Grabs head and looks for excedrin*

[/ QUOTE ]

It's ok. The devs don't really understand it either

[/ QUOTE ]




And I've met PLENTY of Mages who have been able to down a well played 4/6 chiv. It's all about spelltiming and stacking damage, and not doing for piddly spells like fireball and magic arrow.

[/ QUOTE ]

Not a top mage necro/mage in this game I havn't dropped on field or in duels. Most with ebolt or meteor swarm in duels at one point or another. Only time I kill 4/6 is when they play utterly stupid. If they want to RC every curse and CW the littlest dmg then no. Math dictates they cannot loose. I suppose I could pull it off by playing a 4/6 SW mage after dismounting them.

ATL GL EU LS Legends Origion Pac some more I'm sure. I spent alot of time xsharding for duels for $. Some I've lost. But I've killed them all at least once. Happy to take broker for gold on real shard and we can fight it out on TC with me playing 4/6 chiv and they educating me on how to drop it with a mage / necro-mage


[/ QUOTE ]

Wasn't aware this was going to turn into yet another ego thread concerning PvP.

It's not impossible. It's very doable. I've seen many mages drop talented 4/6 chiv dexers. If you can't figure out what they are doing to drop them, that isn't call for a nerf. It's call for a change in strategy.

End of discussion. Atleast on my part.

[/ QUOTE ]


i have killed 4/6 chiv warriors with both my pure mage and necro mage... necro mage will be easier to kill though due to the strangle and disrupt afterwards

the thing is to time your spells (small ones) to disrupt their remove curse and close wound.

most 4/6 chiv i kill usually carries a shield... so they got one downside is they dont carry potions

moreover some of them even using vamp form

another down side for them is their damage and attack are not as powerful as the standard warrior or moving shots archers

This just a matter of time and tries.

However, nowadays is getting very hard or impossible to kill 4/6 chiv warrior due to the following reason:-

1. the rubberband doesnt work that make it a bit harder for mages
2. the 4/6 chiv warrior will start running off screen and doing confidence as soon as they know they are unable to cast any close wounds or remove curse with your good timed disrupt.

No.2 is the current problem i am facing also now and have been finding ways to solve this problem... for pure mage, good timed stun punch could be a good option to kill 4/6 chiv warrior who starts running when losing 30% hps. However, it is still very hard and usually fail

For necro mage, one could cast those revenant on them first and strangle is also a must with all the nerfs... the point is to keep them from using any remove curse, then the battle will be much much easier.

Another trick is to act like you are lagging and let him hit you for about 30-40% damage, then slowly cast those damaging spells to hurt him little by little, then when he still focus on the offensive moves, its time to change to big spells with stun punch combos to finish him off..

It is possible but very hard to kill 4/6 chiv warrior with pure mages nowadays.

The chance is almost 0% if the chiv warrior knows what hes doing..

When i using my chiv warrior 4/6 casting with spellweaving (gift of renewal, attunement, confidence, evasion, close wound, vamp form, potions, conflag pot, holy light disrupts).. even 2-3 mages on the same screen, i can still stand toe to toe without getting much scratches

Nowadays pvp is more like teamwork than easy to solo since when get dismounted by a group of ppl, very hard not to die unless u got invisble and teleport items, or smoke bombs... etc.

Usually when ppl get dismounted, they run to another direction from the enemies... however in some situation this proved to be wrong and should be changed... if get dismounted and your pet is following you, you must stay near your pet and disrupt at least 1 enemy with your attacks or dismount one of them back to wait for the 5 seconds before u can get back to your pet...

also when dismounted, you must be timing all those remove curse method and heal method such as confidence, bandage heals, in manis, close wounds or whatever...to last for the 5 seconds which u could get back on pet.. or else you will be only seeing grey screen faster if you are just running...

Especially in area where you are FAR away from the other screen, you should not run to the other direction unless there is support near...

necro is not overpowered... you can still fight a necro with pure mage..

it just depends on how well you disrupt his spells like strangle, corpse skin and curse, ex fs evil omen combos

the problem with ppl especially pure mage who cant win a necro mage is because they run too much and they are not well prepared and calm..

the key is to be calm when playing a mage or necro caster..

use more small spells to disrupt and damage the necro, and keep your stamina to full even if get strangled...

i never died to a necro mage with my pure mage at all in my life.

I play in formosa if you want to try i can show you. I am quite bored because whenever i use necro mage, those necro mages will be running instead of stand still like a man to fight.

playing mage and necro, two most important thing must have:-

1. connection
2. timing and practice.

[/ QUOTE ]