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[Begging] Begging changes with Mondains Legacy


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

As of the Mondain's Legacy expansion, items can be obtained by begging the elves in Heartwood.
They have the same fail/success rate as all of the other NPCs, it's just that instead of gold you get items.
These items are tagged with a 'Aquired by Begging' on the bottom of each one.
They also do not stack, but the pitchers are refillable and retain the 'Aquired by begging' title no matter what you put in them. Once you eat the Bowl of Stew, however, it does not retain it's title and is just a normal bowl.

Items Obtained:

Pitcher of water, 2 directions
French Bread
Pitcher of Liquor, 2 directions
Bunch of Dates
Cheese Pizza
Bowl of Stew
Piece of Cheese
Pitcher of Wine, 2 directions
Flower Garland
Fishing Pole
Bottle of Wine
Plate of Cookies
Fish Steak
Artifact Recipes (Not actually reported as recived, MrTact just said it was possible)

Chance of obtaining items:

<pre>50% Level 1
25% Level 2
20% Level 3
4% Level 4
1% Level 5</pre>

Level 1- Water
Level 2- French Bread
Level 3- Lantern, Cheese Pizza, Bowl of Stew, Piece of Cheese, Bunch of Dates, Shirt
Level 4- Pitcher of Liqour
Level 5- Bedroll, Pitcher of Wine, Bottle of Wine, Flower Garland, Plate of Cookies, Fishing Pole, Fish Steak, Sake, Turnip, Recipes

*edited to update lists of recieved items