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Baja Fall Festival Covered by Stratics Taverns & Tales.


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Ghosts, Brigands, and Baja! Oh My!
By Merci d'Rue [S|G]​

Merci d'Rue and Bryelle Vaughn of TGN Stratics Taverns and Tales visited Baja this last week to catch a glimpse of our shards Roleplaying and Event Community.

You can find the original article here.

It is also rumoured that when the Gem was shattered, thousands of splintered fragments scattered across the universe. Within each facet purportedly lies the very image of Sosaria, just as it was captured during Mondain's ritual.
- Sedrik the Amicable
The Ballad of the Shattered Stone | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

Every Shard is unique, since The Shattering, they have become a myriad of entities adding a different bit of spice to our daily lives. Today my travels land me upon the Baja shard at the Skara Brae Festival.

The evening started off with a flair as the Seer Chrysania arrived, a spooky story contest ensued that left chills running down a few spines. Excitement grew as the Seer put their own safety on the line. Placing an apple upon head, and invited all to an archery contest. Many competed with glee, but I laughed as this fellow walked up to take aim.

Touches his lips and blows her a kiss before aiming - Nicholas the Old

You can imagine the happy festival goers surprise when a spirit roused from its rustlings in the afterlife. Hearing of this frivolity upon our lands took exception to the nature of this contest. Just after the successful conclusion of this contest an angry ghost sprang from the ground. William Tell himself arrived to challenge our adventurous friends.

I must admit , I myself was knocked over the head with what I suspect may have been one of Williams well aimed and deadly apples...Once the rowdy spirit was sent back to his well deserved rest, the people enjoyed a bit of Pumpkin Soccer while others of us visited the local fair booths that were set up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, meeting an old widow who read your fates from a stack of cards.

As a new day dawned upon the Baja shard, I found myself in a new location. Ale, being a love of mine, and finding myself of a particular thirst. I arrived at a tavern run by the Kingdom of Dawn. Escorted by Duchess Wildstar and Old Nicholas I met the vast array of tavern-goers.

I have a knack for picking up on the odd and unusal and my eyes landed happily on the wondering brigand that arrived. He, hearing of this tavern was giving away free ale had arrived to make use of their generosity. As I am quite covetous of ale, I snaked one of the bottles away before he had a chance to make off with to much of it.

Once more, I found myself researching in Library Britannia's vacuous halls. Though brigands have played many a role in our history, from allying with orcs and undead to random thievery, I think my favorite bit of info revolved around this article that I pulled from the archives:

Preferring to fight to the death rather than surrender the lead brigand jumped from the bath, naked, and armed himself with a halberd that was leaning on the wall. BNN: A Momentary Rest - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia

After reading this excerpt I gave a small laugh only to find the following picture..To which I blushed a bit.

As the eve concluded my mind settled upon the Pirate, Walker they called him, that sat just a table over from me. Walker, in all his bare chested glory,left me in a bit of a dazed musing about where my next adventure would take me. It is at this time that I found myself suddenly longing to set sail and answer the call of the sea....

Reporters Log: I would like to thank the various guilds and people that I met on Baja, The Kingdom of Dawn and the BRPA were especially helpful to me. I would like to note tha BRPA(Baja roleplaying and event alliance) has banded together with various shards, to support each other rply, it is for those who wish to be unaffiliated to enjoy roleplay freely without a guild. They have been known to aide other shards in fulfilling requests for whatever villain or victim the roleplay requires. Baja and Chesapeake also bounce back and forth, holding cross shard Roleplay nights welcoming all. If you would like more info on this, I invite you to visit the Stractics Baja or Chesapeake forum to learn more of this truly unique experience.

If you would like to learn more of Brigands and their lore, there are many many stories about them in uo guide which is what I used for my bit of research:
Special:Search - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia


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These are some more screenshots taken during the Festival.

Costumes -

A sample of some of the costumes present that evening.