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Auction 5/11/2014 5pm Pac - Mother's Day Auction!


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Well its that time again. Time for another auction of great prizes, great company, great items, quite a bit of fun and great items (did i already say that?)! The list below has been finalized so start looking! Note auction is NOT at 1pm pac, but at 5pm pac (a special time!).

Bag of Neon Weapons 0.1mil min
Bag of Random Jewelry 0.1mil min
Lot of Adeptly Maps 0.4mil min
Set of 3 Ruined Sashes 0.25mil min
Halloween Ghoul Statue 2mil min
Level 6 Tmaps 0.1mil min
Lot of 61 Unopened MIBs 2mil min
Magical Door Replica 7mil min
Glowing Rune 3mil min
Lot of Runic Saws 1.25mil min
Crimson (Blessed) 32.5mil min
Kloset Kleaning 1.5mil min
Minotaur Statue Deed 10mil min
Carved Remains of Zigurat 100mil min
Lot of Elemental Slayers 0.1mil min
Pastel Hair Dyes 1mil min
Lot of Plain Maps 0.1mil min
Spell Focusing Sash 0.75mil min
Box of Doom Arties 3mil min
Set of 2 Valorite Hammers 8mil min
Parxy Dragon 25mil min
Box of Talisman 0.25mil min
Happy 6th Anniversary EM Tree 8mil min
Set of 5 Ash Fletchers 2.5mil min
Set of 3 Ruined Sashes 0.25mil min
Halloween Costumes 8mil min
Savage Crisis Robe 1mil min
Ruined Painting 65mil min
Lot of Expert Maps 0.25mil min
Lot of 50 POF 2.5mil min
Flaming Bud 5mil min
Happy Holiday Tree 2mil min
Bless Deeds/CBDs 5mil min
Daemonic-Forged Runeslayer 100mil min
Torruk's Handwritten Book 125mil min
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