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Homes and Castles ATLANTIC Houses for Sale - Prices Lowered in time for Black Friday

UNKNOWN of Atlantic

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Selling All these Houses and We have a House Teleporter Hub Setup to all Houses FOR SALE (Located east of Yew Tram Gate 1st floor) for easy viewing of all houses.
Any Questions or Offers Please ICQ me 227-794-858

All House storage Numbers are different. It depends on how many Increased storage upgrade % you have.
1) 20% is free for all
2) 20% get by buying High Seas Booster
3) 20% get by buying House & Bank Storage Token
4) 60% is max
So with 60% full upgrade max storage for you would be 3,899 and Lockdowns would be 1949

All upgrades are located in the EA Store link below

Get Ultima Online for PC – Free-to-play games – EA
Now the Houses for Sale Line Up.....

Trammel Houses
Tram Trinsic Custom Keep - 20 Plat
Tram Trinsic Custome keep 30 plat.JPG

Tram Crossroads Custom Keep - 25 plat - Comes with ship Spot ( placed my ship to lock in spot) if buyer wants
Tram Crossroads Custom Keep waterside 30 plat.JPG

Tram Keep - able to securely replace it one time due to steps touching tree in front, once it has been customized - 15 plat - I've customized it to show on house sign it cant be securely replaced unless you resize the plot. Keep is back to old style so buyer can choose what new style keep they want.
Tram Keep One shot remodel 20 plat.jpeg

18x18 Tram Crossroads - 2 plat
Tram 18x18 2 plat.JPG

Malas Houses

1) 18x17 - 1 Plat
2) 18x18 - 1.5 plat

18 sideXsides.JPG

17x16 West of Luna - 2.5 plat
17x16 Luna west.JPG

Umbra roadside 16x18 - 3 plat
Umbra roadside 18x18 #1 - 4 plat
Umbra roadside 18x18 #2 - 4 plat
Umbra roadside 18x18 #3 - 4 plat
Umbra roadside 18x18 #4 - 4 plat
Umbra road.jpeg

18x18 Roadside Semi secluded - 4 plat ( Just down from luna past first bridge)
Malas 18x18 roadside 8 plat.JPG

Malas Mystic Garden Houses / 3 houses in this Bundle For sale - 10 Plat
1- 16x17 ( Max Storage)

2 - 18x18 (Max Storage)
3 - 14x11
Malas Mystic Garden Houses - 12 plat.JPG

18x18 Malas Below Luna Bagball Arena - 12 plat
Malas 18x18 Bagball 16 plat.JPG

1) 18x18 Falling waters Fortress - 5 plat
2) 18x18 Tree House - 4 plat

Falling Waters 18s.jpg

18x18 road outside - 16 plat
18x18 mountainside - 14 plat
18x15 Center house - 12 plat
15x10 At North mountain Front house - 5 plat

16x11 Eastern mountain side house - 4 plat
11x11 South east
Woodline house - 800 mil
7x8 South on Edge by wall - 500 mil

east Luna houses.JPG
(These are sold separately but to save picture space I'm Using one picture below)
18x18 Malas South east of Luna City - 8 Plat
9x14 - 800 Mil

Malas South Luna 18x18 and 9x14.JPG

Tokuno Houses
18x17 Zento city road house - 8 plat
18x17 Zento city 10 plat.JPG
8x7 Zento City road house Close to moongate - 1.7 plat
8x7 Zento city 1.7 plat.JPG

Te r-mur Houses

16x16 Ter mur House - Need 10k queen loyalty to own a house here - 2 plat
16x16 ter mur 2 plat.JPG
Felucca Houses

15x15 Magincia Waterside House - 4 plat
fel 15x15 Magincia 4 plat.JPG

My Icq is 227-794-858 ( Joxer The Mighty ) Thanks for Looking and Have a great Day.
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UNKNOWN of Atlantic

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Houses updated ... Check on by the office we have more houses than what is pictured here .. OH ... MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :beer:


Lore Keeper
14x17 ORC FORT great vendor spot for orc rpg player

What is good in orc fort, any nice drops or grind? Never saw any people farming orcs at all

UNKNOWN of Atlantic

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Orc RPG used to be really big, I dont know if its still is. Ive never played RPG guilds myself.
As far as vendor spot its got Huge front yard Nothing can be placed there So steps are Unblocked


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
So how are you placing all these houses ?
I'm going to nip this in the bud and say take this to PMs. This is a sales thread, not for discussing game mechanics.

UNKNOWN of Atlantic

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Some house prices have been lowered to get things kicked off for Black Friday - get that Custom keep You've always wanted !!