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Homes and Castles ATLANTIC Houses for Sale - Good Many 18x18s Added 12/7/21

UNKNOWN of Atlantic

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Selling All these Houses and We have a House Teleporter Hub Setup to all Houses FOR SALE (Located east of Yew Tram Gate 1st floor) for easy viewing of all houses.
Any Questions or Offers Please ICQ me 227-794-858

All House storage Numbers are different. It depends on how many Increased storage upgrade % you have.
1) 20% is free for all
2) 20% get by buying High Seas Booster
3) 20% get by buying House & Bank Storage Token
4) 60% is max
So with 60% full upgrade max storage for you would be 3,899 and Lockdowns would be 1949

All upgrades are located in the EA Store/ Origin link below

Yew Tram Office.JPG
Now the Houses for Sale Line Up.....

Trammel Houses
Artic Island Custom Keep - 20 plat
Artic Tram Keep.JPG

17x18 - 800 mil
17x18 Tram 800 mil.JPG
17x18 - 900 mil
17x18 900 mil.JPG

18x16 - 800 Mil
18x16 800 mil.JPG

Malas Houses
17x18 - 600 mil (Left side House)
17x18 Sand 600 mil.JPG

18x18 - 700 Mil (Right side House)
18x18 Sand 700 mil.JPG

18x18 - 800 mil
18x18 Malas Sand 800 mil.JPG

18x18 - 1 plat (Super Clean steps & easy side Nothing can be placed there )
18x18 Malas Sand 1 plat.JPG
18x18 - 800 mil
18x18 800 mil grass.JPG
18x18 - 700 mil
18x18 Malas Grass 700 mil.JPG

14x18 Sand/Blue water area ... 300 mil
14x18 Malas 300 mil.JPG

18x18 Below Umbra City ....600 mil
18x18 Umbra 600 mil.JPG

18x18 below Umbra Road ... 1 plat
18x18 Umbra road 1 plat.JPG

18x18 Full steps & side view nothing blocking ..... 1 plat
18x18 Full Steps backside blackwater 1 plat.JPG

14x17 ORC FORT great vendor spot for orc rpg player ...800 mil
14x17 Orc Fort full Steps View 800 mil.JPG

Tokuno Houses

Te r-mur Houses

13x17 Mountainside 500 mil or best offer
13x17 ter mur.JPG

Felucca Houses
Artic Island Custom Keep & 18x18 Bundle Sale - 15 Plat

Artic Fel Keep_18x18 Bundle.JPG

18x18 & 14x18 Bundle Sale - 2 plat
18x18 14x18 Bundle Fel.JPG

My Icq is 227-794-858 ( Joxer The Mighty ) Thanks for Looking and Have a great Day.


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