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Ars Diavoli The New Era Begins

  • Thread starter PizzaTheHut
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Ars Diavoli

[email protected]
We have Vent but if you dont want to talk then type..=)
Would like for you to for guild meetings, talking, and just to do strategy guides.

Who we are?
We are a tight knit guild that is growing more and more. We are players that PvP together and PvE together. Any lower Rank will be spotted on and gathered to level up to get with every one else. We are well balanced players and trying to make guilding a whole new level of experience and doing new things to bring a guild system to a whole new era. We are new school to this and the guild I have been or seen have been doing things the same for years and its time for someone new to come in and bring something new to the table and bring the guild system and there members into a new beggining

What we Strive For!
We strive for greatness and if you don't want that then keep on rolling to the next. No one will let up on lvling PVP and PVE i want people to be active and to keep moving. If u cant keep up then get out brotha. We are respectable and always try for more! I want the Members to help other members and themselves. We strive to become Great!

We have been a guild for about 2 years. Started with Ultima online and now have switched to War. We have 20+ members right now and growing faster! Have Active players and good players that are well balanced in PvP and PvE will also the abilities to help any low level that comes aboard.

As a guild I will be trying new things and new ideas. so if you dont like change then you might not be for us and if you cant get up with times then u got to go with old tymers..=P not a knock back toward old tymers..=) I want members to help out as well and give ideas.

I hold the most upmost respect for the members that are in the guild today and i want to continue to do so and gather more with same qualities and none that will try to abuse and show hatred to any one. if so u rather get ready to play with a few more people that comeing down to deal with it.

We will be a guild of PvP and of PvE and PQ's , we will try to divert all energy to all guild members, If you have any questions please give us a shout either on our webpage, our vent, or on our forums.. be apart of our community. We try to do more for our members.

We try to have active calendar events, guild meetings, and other activites to keep members entertained. Also if members will express certain things to do and we will talk about.

Bottom Line and i can go on for days about the guild, about what we can do, and how long we been here, and ect. But you have to tell yourself what you want and how you want it. Im here to get you here and help it along and make it better! If you have any questions or if I havnt explained anything detailed good enough and havnt added like all these other guild have sorry i just got lazy and thats why we got vent and other website..=P

So get Down here and sign up and talk on forums brotha and get War Up and going!

[email protected]
Vent info is there
Badlands Server but will do other serves if you are interested, always want more every were! So any server is welcomed in to the home and u will call it home brotha!
US Server

I Will come back to add more info about the guild and what we uphold for all new comers. To make a right introduction and to show people what we are made of is to much just to write it needs to be explained and this one way of doing it.

Take care and see you on the battlefield if you are against us!