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[Selling] ***Archnight's Mega EM Thread: Lots of Different High End Rares!*** ~UPDATED 2/25~


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Selling some of my rares in this thread, please either PM or ICQ 691820408 if interested. All items are on Atlantic and ready to sell, please throw me an offer and we'll make a deal. Thanks :)

A Pendant Carved From An Ice Serpent Scale, Naming You Friend To The Al'Suq
(Seer Item)

- Orcish Insignia Ring (Season 1)

- Flawless Stone (Nearly Unique)

- Skull With Candle

- Taper Of Sacrifice

- A Dragon Prod

- Rubble (Firepit)

- Rubble (Orfleur Flower)

- Augustine's Mugwort Plant

- Dragon's Secret Flower

- Flowers From Moria

- Rubble (Rift Pillar)

- Trap Training Dummy

- A Voltex Core Recovered From The Blackrock Detection Machine

- Raider Pocket Notebook

- Tome Of Spells Used To Free Myr'Stix The Storm Wyrm

- Declaration Of Trinsic Independence

- Glacial Spellbook (Doggy Duped Item)

- All Mesanna Saw Was These Footprints As I Walked Away Alive While Playing Mesanna Roulette

- Element Of Water

- Element Of Air

- I Rolled The Dice And Won Playing Lets Make A Deal On Europa

- A Petal From The Golden Lotus Of Heaven

- A Feather Of Peace From An Ethereal Being

- Statue (Two-Story)

- Scaffold

- Spittoon

- Cards (Facing East)

- Cards (Single)

- Cards (Facing West)

- Skull With Candle

- Skull Mug (Right)

- Pitcher

- Waves (Selling Individually)
. The Forgotten Wave Of Evil
. A Beautiful Sea Wave Of Tokuno
. Felucca's Madness: Embrace The Fear
. Anju Sermani - A Magical Spell From Old Sosaria Used To Restore A Destroyed Body
. Twisted Soul Of The Ravenous Host, It Still Pulses And Lurches Towards It's Prey

- Crystals (Selling Individually)
. A Frozen Solid Crystal Formed From The Ice Queen's Soul
. I Gave (my Life) And Took (this Wonderful Crystal) From Felucca, Drachenfels
. Heart Of The Ocean
. The Crystallized Magical Power Of Thaddius
. A Crystal Taken From A Spiders Lair
. Heart Of The Inferno
. Heart Of The Jungle
. Thuban Of The Shooting Star Which Fell From Draco
. A Soul Oubliette Imprisoning Drithik The Deathwhisper
. A Crystalline Remnant Of A Demonic Presence
. A Fragment Of The Destroyed Souls Of Doloras And Timyra
. A Crystal With An Evil Presence Trapped Within
. Fragments Of Meer Dreams Trapped In Crystalline Glass
. A Severed Piece Of Geonodus
. Stoneheart Infused Crystal
. Subterranean Crystal Formed From Mantle Of Sosaria
. Crystal Of Vas Por Grav Engraved With Runic Symbols: Des Por Tym
. A Creature From A World Unknown Frozen In The Arctic Britannia Ice
. A Large Piece Of Fire Ruby
. A Crystal Used In A Special Antidote

- Death Toll Chimes

- The Mystical Candelabra Of Forgotten Souls That Contains The Curse Of A Nameless Demon

- Justin's Sword Placed Naked Between Himself And Isabelle

- A Replica Of The Vulcan's Madness Kryss

- Daniels Broken Silent Kryss

- Calm

- Spectral Scythe

- Hollow Branch

- Shroud of Deceit

- Weld Scale Gloves

- Daemonic Crisis Vanquisher

- 15th Anniversary Commemorative Robe

- Royal Guard Inquisitor

- Boots Marked With A Corrupt Sigil Of The Blackrock Magi

Boots Of Enchanted Origin

Cards "I played a game with Mesanna and Won!!"

Christmas Carols

- Balhae Xmas Holiday Tree 2017

- Mythril, Gifted By Beallon The Elemental Lord

- Melted Snow

Kendrick Morrow's Map Of Nematic Phylacteries

- Lanterns (Selling Individually)
. I Could Not See To Escape From Mesanna Playing Roulette
. Empty Goblin Cage
. The Light Of Wakoku 18th Anniversary
. The Cursed Lantern Of The Golden Man That Contains The Essence Of Greed
. May The Light Keep Us, May Fate Smile Upon Us, May We Always Be Within Sight Of A Friend

- Ringmail Sleeves Of The Phoenix

- Golden Man Suit (Complete Set)

Items Sold:
- Pumpkin Spider Statue
- Camo Piglet
- Tibbys Noble Sacrifice Saved This Poor Pig
- The Most Knowledge Person 1st (Arirang)
- Broken Armament
- Subdue
- I Survived PVP Night Long Enough To Steal This Sash!
- Morphius's Vile Assassin Kit
- Faded Doublet From A Crimson Rose Thug
- A Sash Sewn With The Kingsguard Insignia
- Lenshire Clan Tunic
- Tiger's Bone Suit
- The Flame Of Truth
- Fishing Waders Crafted From Lava Sea Serpent Scales
- Rubble (Cypress Tree)
- A Very Old And Well-Used Guillotine
- May Archery Tournament! (Unique Lantern)
- Light Of The Crossroads
- Bloodied Brogans Of The Reticent Quisling
- A Smugglers Lantern Taken From The Wreck
- A Sword Made From The Bones Of The Pitlord
- Anniversay Of EM Takako 2 Years
- A Barrel Of Ooze From Lake Superior's Sewers
- The Cause Of The Dying Trees An Oozing Mushroom
- Ancient Portraiture Of A Magincian Noblewoman
- An Astral Sunburst Caused By A Celestial Phenomenon
- Claudius's Scissors
- The Burning Flames Of The Fortress
- Posedion's Treasures

- The Golden Horse Of Greed
- Cartload Of Heirlooms And Treasures
- Blackrock Infused Bearing The Crest Of Armageddon Suit
- Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor
- Cinderella's Glass Shoes
- Chinese Formosa Ghost Festival Banner Fu
- A Ghoulish Rallying Banner, Used To Control The Undead Of Oceania
- Moonglow's Strips With A Wish For Peace
- Large Tapestry Depicting Idraids Trial From Elliams A Lesson In Silence
- Sign Of The Mad Scientist
- The Cursed And Burnt Vows Between The Mad King And The Witch Rowena
- Mysterious Crystaline Dragons Tears
- A Fragment From A Shattered Obelisk
- An Emsasculated Mind Control Device
- A Dark Evil Crystal Covered In Blood Of The Fallen Royal Guard
- Dark Blue Wave
- The Wave Of The Nightmarish Dreams
- Mysterious Energy Power Rift
- Basin
- Marble Table
- I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Atlantic
- I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Sakura
- I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Pacific
- Goblin Trap
- Phoenix Armor Suit
- I Won Playing Mesanna Let's Make A Deal On Great Lakes
- I Won Playing Mesanna's Lets Make A Deal On Hokuto
- A Fine Ebony End-Table Hewn From The Ashen Grove Old Growth
- Cockatrice Breastplate Bearing The Crest Of The Royal Family
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Can you give the hue # for the archery lantern?