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[Gardening] Anyone selling cactus seeds Atlantic?


I began my journey as a botanist a couple of months ago, but still I lack most seeds of cactus varieties (prickly pear cactus, barrel cactus).

As we all know, both bogling drops and plant crossings are bugged so that rarity of cactus seeds are now comparable to that of mutant seeds!

I am craving for them and want to know if there is a generous soul who are willing to sell me a variety pack of cactus seeds. For those willing to sell them, here is the list of seeds I am looking for:
  • prickly pear cactus : orange / green / bright red / bright blue
  • barrel cactus : blue / yellow / plain / orange / green / bright red / bright blue / bright yellow / bright orange / bright purple (to put simple, everything other than red, purple and bright green)
  • tribarrel cactus : orange / green / bright red / bright blue / bright orange / bright green / bright purple
I didn't include any mutant or naturalist colors because I can get them by myself.

(My plan is to plant a huge number of bright green barrel cacti, cross them and take advantage of the bugged system to produce mutant seeds of any varieties, plus lots of green thorns!)

Thank you for reading!