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Ants and Dragons

  • Thread starter Barragan Onryo
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Barragan Onryo

The elf looked into his study and stretched his palm expectantly. A pixie, one of many at his command, retrieved a book from the shelf and gave it to her master.

Hrmph, the elven scholar mumbled aloud as he flipped through the pages. The humans have been trading blackrock in Magincia. Do those short-lived half-wits not realize that they lack the mental capacity to deal with such a dangerous and unearthly mineral? He detested humans, but above all he pitied them, for they did not understand the world as he did. By involving themselves with blackrock, the humans were endangering themselves and more importantly the world of Sosaria itself. I'll go to Magincia and tell those imbeciles to leave the study of blackrock to the races with brains. Or better yet, just leave it to me. The pixies draped the elf's cloak over his shoulders, and he left for his destination.


Fire singed the fingertips of the elf as blood trickled from his mouth. What happened....? I don't remember. His famed mind struggled to find an answer for the first time he could remember. They refused to listen to you. They ignored your warnings. They ignored their better. A voice not his own responded to his query. Who are you? The elf could see no one, but he already knew he wouldn't, for the voice was inside of his mind. You tried to reason with them, but they are as insects. One does not reason with ants; they are to be crushed beneath the feet of their superiors.

The voice spoke the truth...the elf was superior to the humans. He was the only one who had been right about the blackrock, and they refused to listen. But now, it was too late. I remember now, he muttered, his scorched face furrowing into a scowl. The blackrock exploded, and I was caught in the blast. To think that my life would be ended by the greed of these insects..... It need not. Take my power, the voice said, and use it to exact your revenge. Unimaginable strength will be yours. You will have allies, strong as the mightiest of dragons. You will feel no pain, and know no rest until Sosaria lies in ruins.


Barragan Onryo looked up from his reminiscing and glanced around. His comrades were to either side of him, staring down the resistance of Kijustsu Anei. This is who they send to oppose us? Barragan mused to himself, scornful of the soldiers that protect the town.

He knew that the moon of Trammel offered them some protection, but he didn't care. If they were to follow him to the Onryo's resting place under the moon of Felucca, they would surely be killed, with their belongings rotting on their bodies as a testament to their greed.

If they are going to send ants to guard this town, I will send dragons to crush them. I will walk through this town on a road drenched with blood. Before this is over, humans, you will all know that I am your master.