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Announcement Post in all public places of Yew

Jordan Thyme

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
*Posted on all bulletin boards, inside all shops, and some trees. Delivered as well to every house in Yew*

Citizens of Yew, you may have heard the Hand has returned. This would be correct. They have in fact returned. It is understandable to be afraid. It is understandable to worry. But I tell you now.. that the Hand are nothing more than Bullies and terrorists who will use the cheapest tricks possible to get what they want when they want it. "But the cheapest trick is murder," you say. And you're right. I also tell you that if we, the people of Yew, cave into them now.. We, our children, and our children's children will be caving to them for the rest of our lives.

So I ask you, Citizens to join us, Join in the fight of the Yew Regiment of the Royal Guard. It is time to show that though our beginnings may be humble, that tyrants and terror mongers will not be tolerated. It is time to show them that even if it is our last breath, we will give it repelling them.

"Why should I give my life, if the Governor is sitting in her cushy office hiding," you might ask. I will tell you now, the Governor is doing no such thing. I will not ask you to risk anymore than I would. So I myself am out in Yew, fighting for a homeland I have come to call my own. Because to do so ensures my children's future. So if death must come for me, I can see no greater cause for it.


Gillian Gryphon
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